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[image] nos case study museum mead art museum amherst college

Case Study: Mead Art Museum, Amherst College

“Now, with everything stored professionally using the most favorable preservation methods, we offer a more suitable environment for our collections and have the ability to accommodate growth in a safe and manageable way.”

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Stephen Fisher, Collections Manager

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Case Study: Springfield Armory National Historic Site

“We were able to improve the integrity of the preservation methods while saving space and money.”

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James Roberts, Chief of Resource Management and Supervisory Curator

[icon] - american-textile-history-museum

Case Study: American Textile History Museum

“Having the ability to expand storage space provided staff with greater access to the collection, improved preservation and, ultimately, brought in more collections that we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to acquire.”

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Karen Herbaugh, Curator

4 post metal shelving

Case Study: Museum National Historic Site

“Museums require additional levels of care and control to insure the safety and preservation of original historical documents and artifacts. There is no room for error, and proper planning is the key to success”

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Since 1976, our team of storage solution professionals has been passionately dedicated to providing our clients with the most affordable and comprehensive storage solutions and document management systems possible. No two storage spaces are alike, and so we customize unique designs for your particular workspace to ensure every productivity challenge you are faced with has an efficient solution.

We offer a wide range of storage solutions and products to fit your business’ unique needs. We have solutions to improve efficiency and organization in virtually any market. Our clients include various corporate offices, healthcare facilities, museums, government department buildings, educational institutions, public safety agencies and industrial workspaces and warehouses. With forty years of experience serving clients in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and the surrounding areas, we know how to organize and protect your most important assets with the utmost professionalism and precision.

Our high density shelving and filing systems offer a wide range of security and safety features and make intelligent use of every inch of your office’s storage space. Utilizing our systems can provide you with double your existing storage capacity and effectively free up profitable floor space to be used as other functional areas. Our storage solutions are available in manual, mechanically assisted or fully powered models featuring multiple shelving options, locking features, accessories, and a modular design to completely optimize your unique space.

Our modular office furniture allows for an infinite number of possible arrangement combinations using adaptable kits that function in every type of office setting. Our products are completely adjustable upon installation, ensuring that your work space will be perfectly optimized for your success, both now and in the future. Customize your own unique office space with versatile storage cabinets, multimedia storage, stationary shelving, lateral sliding filing storage systems, and even fire proof filing systems!

Our clients looking for laboratory furniture solutions often name durability as their top priority in creating a new work environment and purchasing new equipment. Our freestanding, steel based design exceeds industry standards for strength and durability, and our lab furniture and accessories are built to withstand the daily demands of a fully functional lab environment. We offer multiple options for finishes of your new work surfaces, as well as microbial and stainless steel options to provide the highest possible safety standards.

Legal shelving solutions must be efficient and effective to ensure the safekeeping and accessibility of paper and electronic documents. On a moment’s notice, your firm may need access to important documents that could make or break your case. Be prepared for anything with a well-designed records management program that reduces space and labor costs and also improves the quality of client services. For four decades NOS has provided law firms of all sizes with expert advice to ensure their records systems function at the high level of expertise that this in-depth profession demands.

Using state of the art RFID software and highly secure moveable storage solutions, we can help you regain control and organization of any space. National Office Systems (NOS) provides a full range of SAM (Systematic Asset Management) products and services that ensure that each file, product, and piece of equipment your company owns is trackable at all times. SAM blends the use of RFID, bar codes, and color coding systems that minimize IT operational costs by eliminating the need for personnel and software to buy, install, and maintain your records management system.

Let NOS provide you with the customized records and information management consulting services to ensure your business can stay competitive in a challenging environment. Our Professional Services Solutions team has the experience, knowledge, and products to help you achieve success through efficiency and organization. Let us show you how we can optimize your workplace today!