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Seeking Inner Peace? This Workplace Principle Has A Place In The Home

Seeking Inner Peace? This Workplace Principle Has A Place In The Home

It’s axiomatic that an orderly workplace is a productive workplace. Distractions are minimized, efficiency is improved, and materials losses are reduced – storage professionals have preached this principle for years. But what if you applied a similar de-cluttering principle in your home? According to organizational expert Amy Zepeda, you’d find yourself feeling a lot less stressed: . Physical clutter leads to mental clutter as your mind creates associations and to-do lists. And the result: you can’t relax in your own home. Zepeda recommends starting small, and making it a habit to immediately get rid of things you no longer need. You’ll find your stress level drops dramatically!

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Intelligent Forklifts – Are They Too Smart?

Intelligent Forklifts – Are They Too Smart?

The “Internet of Things,” in which all objects will be connected via sensors to a broad digital system, is still in its infancy. While robotic vacuum cleaners and exercise-monitoring clothes are fairly common, such things as self-driving cars are not quite rush-hour ready. However, RFID and on-board intelligence are being successfully combined to create intelligent forklifts for materials handling systems: . Proponents point to cost savings gained through improved safety, greater efficiency, and better inventory control.

Those of the Luddite persuasion, though, envision robots running amok through warehouses, ignoring RFID signals, destroying products and threatening the lives of their human bosses. But automation systems failures can usually be traced to human user error, or, more important, a poor choice of automation vendor. Cutting corners never pays, especially when it’s your inventory at stake. Thoroughly vet your vendors, and your warehouse won’t end up like “I, Robot.”

Now how do I program my vacuum cleaner to do the stairs…?

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Epic Fail – When An Office Renovation Ignored Document Storage Needs

Epic Fail – When An Office Renovation Ignored Document Storage Needs

Although planning began back in 2008 for the renovation of the Marble Palace, as Augusta, Georgia’s, municipal building is known, the current execution of the design has left storage in a serious muddle. In a recent meeting with the project architects, Commission Clerk Lena Bonner asked, “Why is it that my storage space, my access to my records, has to be at four and five different places?” Commissioners voiced concerns about the security of records as well as the scattered placement of records storage, and pointed fingers at the local architect whose space plans seem to be creating more problems than solutions:

Sounds like a job for High-Density Storage Man…!

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When Assumptions Meet Reality: The Truth About High Density Storage

When Assumptions Meet Reality: The Truth About High Density Storage

Ugly, expensive, inefficient…that’s what people always assume about high-density storage systems. But after a closer look, they frequently quote the movie Casablanca: “I was misinformed.”

Myth 1. It’s expensive

REALITY – Do the math. High-density mobile storage, at $2-3 per storage inch, is actually cheaper than traditional lateral files at $5-6 per storage inch.

Myths 2 & 3. It’s inefficient and restrictive

REALITY – In an 18’x30’ space, a high-density mobile system increased storage capacity by a whopping 316%. And it’s not just for storing paper files; almost anything, from baseball bats to archaeological artifacts, can be shelved in high-density storage systems.

Myth 4. It’s unsafe

REALITY – It’s not just for the first floor any more. Thanks to good engineering, the floor rails of mobile storage systems spread the weight over a large area, making the systems safe for use on upper floors.

Myth 5. It’s ugly

REALITY – Today’s high-density mobile storage offers modern, clean lines and the ability to customize finishes to complement the highest of high style designs. Custom paint? Graphics? No problem!

Welcome to the truth – and beauty – of high density storage.

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Vintage Police Photographs from the LAPD’s Storage Archives

Vintage Police Photographs from the LAPD’s Storage Archives

When Los Angeles Police Department reserve officer Merrick Morton and LAPD historian Lt. John Thomas began researching historic criminology photos, they didn’t expect to find a treasure trove of stunning black-and-white images dating back to the 1920’s, systematically stored in the vast 47,500 square foot Los Angeles City Records Center. The LAPD’s Special Investigations Division was the nation’s first crime lab – the precursor of CSI – and photography was a standard part of their forensics procedures as far back as 1925. Hundreds of boxes of case files, each with their accompanying evidence photos, were discovered in the Records Center, and Morton and Thomas have now preserved some of the best images as noir style art photos.

Recording events ranging from the Onion Fields gangster killings to the arrest of the notorious Manson family, these photographs are considered to be exceptional examples of historical art. Selected examples were recently included in the prestigious Paris Photo exhibition, and prints can be seen at Morton’s gallery: These extraordinary images could easily have been lost or destroyed if not for the efforts of Morton, Thomas, and the dedicated document storage pros of the L.A. City Records Center.

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