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Your Business: What’s Sports Got To Do With It?

Your Business: What’s Sports Got To Do With It?

The U.S. is filled with sports fans of every kind. Business managers know the value of sports as a team-building exercise, but sports offers bigger lessons to those who lead the team. The careers and work habits of some of the greatest sports stars provide a template for those who seek to lead successfully. CleverTap CMO Mark Freidberg, writing in Entrepreneur Magazine, lists five ways some of his most admired sports legends serve as models for sound business practices, including:

  1. Michael Jordan – Make other people better. When the ones you lead improve their performance, everyone wins.
  2. Magic Johnson – Enjoy what you do. If you’re happy with your career, you’ll be a better leader.
  3. Jerry Rice – Practice like you play. Give it your best every day, not just the important days.
  4. Wayne Gretzky – Be forward-thinking. Watch for industry directions and trends that can give you an edge.
  5. Jackie Robinson – Change history. Business as usual isn’t always a long-term formula for success.

Business leaders who are dedicated to continuous improvement and effective leadership can take a lesson from these sports greats and lift their own teams to greatness. What are the sports principles you use to guide your business?


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How Yankee Ingenuity Went The Extra Mile

How Yankee Ingenuity Went The Extra Mile

Sharon, Massachusetts, is crammed full of history and historical artifacts. And like much of the area around Boston, it’s also densely built up. When the Massachusetts Trustees of Reservations decided to consolidate their scattered collections into a single facility in Sharon, there was no available land to build an expansive new storage facility to house their ever-growing collection of archival materials – everything from Native American treasures to old maps and deeds, early Colonial objects, and more recent historic photographs.

Creative use of available space was the only option, and a high-density storage system saved the day. This time-lapse video shows how over one mile of shelving was installed in a single average-size room.


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1st Annual Golf Tournament for the NiaImani Choices Organization

1st Annual Golf Tournament for the NiaImani Choices Organization

We have been busy on the greens these last few weeks and the 1st Annual Golf Tournament for the NiaImani Choices Organization was yet another wonderful day.

This tournament was a great opportunity to gather friends and co-workers for a day of fun competition. It raised much needed funds to address a variety of programs in communities that teach participants how to access specific resource information for their families.    NOS brought a foursome and was a hole sponsor in the 1st Annual Golf Tournament for this fantastic organization.

In addition to enjoying the day and supporting this cause we also won the tournament!

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Deadline: Enter The Oscars of FM

Deadline: Enter The Oscars of FM

It’s time for facilities management professionals to take center stage. Your work is vital to the smooth functioning of office buildings, hospitals, government facilities, military installations, retail operations, colleges and universities, and countless other public and private buildings and campuses. The general public rarely thinks about what it really takes to keep these facilities up and running, but your peers at Facilities Maintenance Decisions want to recognize you for your outstanding work. Entries for the 2016 FMD Achievement Awards are open, and the deadline is May 26, 2016. Submit your best work for consideration, and let the world know how essential you really are. It’s the Oscars of facilities management!

The  KEEN – Kids Enjoy Exercise Now – 23rd Annual Golf Classic

The KEEN – Kids Enjoy Exercise Now – 23rd Annual Golf Classic

 The  KEEN – Kids Enjoy Exercise Now – 23rd Annual Golf Classic   #KEENGreaterDC

 “It is a special privilege to be a part of the community and to participate in both large and small ways” says  NOS’s own Joe Alvarez who has had the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors of KEEN – Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (

NOS was proud to contribute putting lessons and a foursome for the KEEN Golf Tournament fundraiser this week. Having played soccer at the highest level, Joe Alvarez understands the importance of KEEN’s mission to empower youth with disabilities by providing free, non-competitive one-to-one programs of exercise, fitness and fun, led by volunteer coaches.
KEEN’s vision is to foster the confidence, self-esteem and inclusion in the community for youth with disabilities; strengthening the community through education of volunteers; and providing families with respite and a supportive network.
Jon LeSage, a PGA Professional and an Account Executive for NOS, was able to boost everyone’s game that day by provide complimentary putting lessons to all participants of this week tournament!
NOS’ foursome included KEEN contributors Dan Harbison (NOS), Barbara Isaacs (Akima) and Jon Olmstead (CRESA), and Joe Alvarez (NOS).