“The NOS RFID system has made our process much more efficient when tracking our equipment and inventory during customer’s moves.”
Large Relocation Company, Vice President of Operations

Protect, manage and control your most vital assets and information with SAM Enterprise Technology

SAM Asset Tracking

RFID/Barcode is positive for the bottom line: No more costly search time whenever an asset is missing; no more replacement costs for lost assets.


Imaging Solutions
SAM Documents

Your document are one of a kind, and the digital asset management system for your documents should be just as unique.


SAM Labels

Color coded strip labels allow you to achieve accurate filing with visual and computer controls. At a glance, users are guided to the exact file location.


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RFID: DC Waste Management

RFID: DC Waste Management

The NOS Sam RFID asset tracking system proved to be the right fit. The opportunity to put this system in place without disrupting daily operation was key to the success of this solution.

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