NOS is a minority owned company and many of our solutions are Made in America and readily available on GSA Contract.

Ensure maximum efficiency and productivity with automated distribution and storage systems.

Maximizing vertical storage capacity is an efficient way to increase storage without expanding your footprint. However, stacking shelves or cabinets to the ceiling can create safety risks and disrupt workflows. Vertical storage systems optimize your vertical space, enhancing accessibility and worker safety while keeping your storage area compact. 

Automated Storage Systems is

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Vertical storage systems help you reclaim up to 80% of your floor space, whether you need to store automotive parts, medical supplies, textiles, or retail items.

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Enhance throughput and productivity by boosting picking volume, minimizing travel and search times, and ensuring inventory accuracy.

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Operate at maximum efficiency as workers access and replace materials at the ideal lifting height, reducing the risk of strains and falls. 

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Made To Order

Create the ideal design for your space and storage requirements with options for shelves, bins, rod hangers, and a wide range of widths, heights, and layouts.

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Customized For You

To engage NOS in a space needs assessment or to gather additional information, call 800-840-6264. For additional assistance, tell us more by filling out our request information page.

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