How Co-Working Is Bringing Agility to Big Business

Coworking is the new normal, claims Cecilia Amador in, the flexible workspace newsletter. Amador points to statistics from Cushman & Wakefield, Emergent Research, and others that show the extraordinary growth of coworking: 20% annual growth in major U.S. cities such as New York and Chicago; 40+% growth in other locales; 27 million square feet of coworking office space in… Read More »

Art Storage and the Deaccessioning Controversy

As any museum director will tell you, deaccessioning is not quite as simple as cleaning out one’s closets and holding a yard sale. Museums as a whole have a mission to acquire, conserve, and exhibit collections for the benefit of their communities. Reducing the number of artworks or artifacts seems almost antithetical. The decision to sell some of the objects… Read More »

More Than Just Books: The Librarian’s Challenge

In honor of World Book Day, Twitter hosted a curated collection of beautiful photo images of libraries around the world. These architectural gems are inspirational examples of design, paying homage to the written word even in the midst of the Digital Age. If you look closely at the photographs, however, it becomes apparent that the shelves are very crowded. Book… Read More »

What Do New Retail Apps Mean for Retail Inventories?

Nordstrom is adding to its retail technology with the acquisition of two mobile apps. One will give store associates the ability to send personalized product recommendations to consumers when they’re out of the store, as well as the potential for consumers to share information with each other and shop online as a group. The other app sends customers personalized text… Read More »

Built for Speed: The New Lab

Ten years and $2.5 billion – that’s what it takes to bring a new drug to market these days, says the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. Time is money, and drug companies are starting to design their labs with speed in mind. As Mitchell Weitz of Bristol-Myers Squibb states in, the goal is to “break the… Read More »

The Trust Walk of Document Conversion

Chicago’s Willis Tower Sky Deck is an exercise in trusting what your brain knows, not what your body is telling you. Even though you know the glass-floored balcony is perfectly safe, it’s still tremendously nerve-wracking to take that first step onto an invisible floor more than 1,300 feet above the ground. Document conversion can feel the same as walking onto… Read More »