3 Key Questions for Sound Business Decisions

In a social situation, it’s always a good strategy to ask yourself three questions before speaking: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? These questions will make you socially successful, but they are equally valuable to ask when you’re making business decisions. Since we’re experts in business storage solutions, we’ll illustrate this principal with storage decisions, although it… Read More »

The Lean Museum

Lean management techniques are most commonly associated with manufacturing and logistics, and not with collections of historic artifacts or centuries-old artworks. Is there a place for the new lean leadership style in institutions that are, by their very nature, conservative? The answer is an emphatic “Yes,” according to presenters at the Museums and the Web Conference. Lean management relies on… Read More »

A Different Kind of Overhead

Square footage is ever more precious as our urban areas grow ever more crowded. Cities with naturally occuring geographical restrictions – San Francisco, Hong Kong, New York (Manhattan) – learned long ago that when you can’t go out, you have to go up. Land is too valuable to devote to the single-level use of green space, and except for a… Read More »

Bad Design is Expensive in Ways You Never Guessed

As a business manager, the twin pillars of design – form and function— may not be at the top of your priority list, but design has a profound influence on everything you do, from your business space to your computer screen to your office or warehouse storage. Good design improves productivity and supports sales. Bad design can drive away business.… Read More »

The Kindness ROI

“Nice guys finish last,” or so we’ve always been told. In the rough-and-tumble of business competition, there seems to be no pay-off for altruistic behavior. Yet we see it over and over again: Businesses large and small sharing resources of expertise, products, and money. What gives? In the bean-counting business world, kindness counts for little. Nevertheless, business-related giving has a… Read More »

Police Body Cameras are a Small Part of the Picture

Tazer is so well known for electric stun guns that its name, like Google’s, has morphed into a verb. (Just google “tazing.”) Yet it sees its future in the growth market of body cameras, and it’s changing its name from Tazer to Axon, its proprietary brand of body camera. With its new name, the former Tazer is signaling its move… Read More »