The Human Touch: FM Can’t Work Without It

The brave new world of AI and IoT is changing the face of facilities management. Smart buildings notify the authorities when there’s an emergency like a water leak or a security breach. They send out reminders when maintenance should be scheduled. They use energy monitors to accumulate usage data and identify conservation opportunities. They know where every furniture asset is… Read More »

When Mission and Resources Diverge – The Museum Conflict

A recent poll found that the public considers museums to be “the guardians of factual information” – a valuable function in the era of fake news and lack of trust in traditional organizations. Poll respondents felt that the care and preservation of heritage, and the expansion of social knowledge, are two vital primary purposes for museums. Equally important, respondents also… Read More »

Your Office Shows How Much You Trust Your Team

Trust – we all agree it’s fundamental to any organization. Employees have to trust their bosses, managers have to trust their staff, customers have to trust the business. And it’s far easier said than done. How do you create a work environment that reinforces trust and builds the loyalty necessary for a strong, successful organization? In the Harvard Business Review,… Read More »

Losing Faith in the Open Office Plan?

Businesses have bought in to the open office plan in a big way. It’s a definite money-saver, requiring 50%-75% fewer square feet per employee than enclosed offices or cubicles. And compared to “cubicle farms,” an open office is a visually welcoming environment that encourages communication and collaboration. Approximately 70% of American offices were open plan in 2017, according to The… Read More »

Assets Hiding in Plain Sight: Unstructured Data

In recent years, film studios have begun to mine the vast pool of digital assets found within their films, creating a new and growing income stream for the studios. Each movie is a mass of unstructured data, containing visual effects shots, drone shots, audio recordings, music files, and contracts. Some of these assets can be re-used in subsequent films (Jurassic… Read More »

How Co-Working Is Bringing Agility to Big Business

Coworking is the new normal, claims Cecilia Amador in, the flexible workspace newsletter. Amador points to statistics from Cushman & Wakefield, Emergent Research, and others that show the extraordinary growth of coworking: 20% annual growth in major U.S. cities such as New York and Chicago; 40+% growth in other locales; 27 million square feet of coworking office space in… Read More »