5 Ways Good Storage Design Makes Your Lab Safer

Safety is always paramount in any lab. Lab designers have safety in mind whenever they are designing a new lab or retrofitting an existing one. Designers’ storage choices can improve a lab’s safety and productivity, but if storage considerations aren’t included in the early design phases, unsafe conditions can actually be “baked in” to a lab’s design. Harvard’s School of… Read More »

Where’s My Stuff? The Hoteling Conundrum

Like it or not, office hoteling is a reality for many workers today. For those whose work is self-contained, and who enjoy choosing where to do their work on any given day, the flexibility of hoteling is highly desirable. For those whose work requires access to physical elements (books, files, tools, electronic gadgetry, etc.), hoteling poses a productivity problem: Where… Read More »

Resolving to Get Organized? You’ll Need Tools

The new year always feels like a clean slate, with opportunities for advancements of all kinds in the coming months. Now is the time to organize and make your business ready for those opportunities. But as you look around your office and analyze the various areas where organizational improvements are needed, there’s a fundamental question to ask: Do you have… Read More »

Looking Ahead: Positive Problem-Solving in the New Year

“Are you looking for a solution, or empathy?” Couples therapists teach their clients to ask this fundamental question whenever stress levels begin spiraling upwards. It’s not a question we often ask in the world of enterprise. Businesses are urged to be solutions-oriented. When a client or prospect has a problem, we immediately offer a solution. For example, we at NOS… Read More »

When Outsourcing Does (and Doesn’t) Pay for Itself

We seem to be outsourcing everything these days. Home-delivered meal kits provide gourmet dinners; a gig-economy worker runs errands; a professional dog-walker looks after your pets (and your pets love them more than they love you!). Personal outsourcing is a new growth area, but businesses, educational institutions, and governments have been outsourcing a variety of services for many years. How… Read More »