We made The List

We love being of service to our clients with their storage challenges and appreciate our continued inclusion that marks our success in the Washington Business Journal! Read More »

In or Out: The Unexpected Telecommute Pivot

Just when you’re getting your business on the telecommuting bandwagon, the pioneers of telework seem to be jumping off. IBM, for example, began supporting telecommuting in the 1970’s, but now it’s shifting toward more collocation. Yahoo famously encouraged its employees to work from home, only to rescind all telecommuting in 2015. Bank of America, among others, is cutting down on… Read More »

The Price of Paper: Does Document Scanning Add Up?

The long-predicted disappearance of paper documents has yet to take place. It’s difficult to give up a centuries-old habit, and many businesses, even those that have eagerly adopted digital document technology, still feel the need for a solid piece of paper to record transactions. But there’s a cost associated with paper in the workplace. PriceWaterhouseCoopers estimates the cost of finding… Read More »

Risk-Averse Retailers Gamble Safely on JIT

The just-in-time (JIT) inventory strategy has been the darling of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers for 20+ years. But there’s an inherent danger for retailers who use JIT. JIT is at the heart of the nimble business model, allowing businesses to be flexible and responsive to new market conditions. It reduces investment in inventory, it reduces inventory obsolescence, and it reduces… Read More »

3 Key Questions for Sound Business Decisions

In a social situation, it’s always a good strategy to ask yourself three questions before speaking: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? These questions will make you socially successful, but they are equally valuable to ask when you’re making business decisions. Since we’re experts in business storage solutions, we’ll illustrate this principal with storage decisions, although it… Read More »

The Lean Museum

Lean management techniques are most commonly associated with manufacturing and logistics, and not with collections of historic artifacts or centuries-old artworks. Is there a place for the new lean leadership style in institutions that are, by their very nature, conservative? The answer is an emphatic “Yes,” according to presenters at the Museums and the Web Conference. Lean management relies on… Read More »