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Integrity means your words and your actions align. You walk the talk. You deliver on your promises. In a competitive business environment, brand trust and integrity are paramount.

“A brand is a perceived relationship between stakeholders and a company.” That’s a fancy way of saying that the way you treat your customers IS your brand. Sometimes promises to clients are broken, through no fault of your own. It’s a deeply uncomfortable feeling. You and your brand pay the price in your client relationships. How can you make sure you deliver what you’ve promised?

Proactive, accurate information and communication go a long way to preserving brand integrity and mitigating the effects of any broken promises. RFID is a supremely accurate information source allowing you to proactively make and communicate decisions. Whether it’s a supply chain breakdown or an in-house misfiling, RFID helps you stay ahead of hits to your brand integrity. And when RFID helps you fulfill your promises, it supports your brand’s integrity.

A few examples:

  • Manufacturing – Your RFID-tagged inventory keeps you up to date on parts supply levels. You identify shortages before they happen, and proactively alert customers of a slowdown. Customers understand you’re part of their team, eager for their success.
  • Healthcare – Your RFID-tagged equipment, drugs, and personnel badges are tracked as they move through the healthcare facility. When patients need something “stat,” there’s no time wasted in searching for what’s needed. Patient outcomes improve – a brand win.
  • Practice management – Your RFID-tagged documents’ locations are updated automatically whenever they are moved from office to office, or from office to storage. When a client requires a document, it’s available without delay. Your client feels you value their time as much as they do, and the relationship is strengthened.
  • Educational institutions – Your RFID-based smartphone app for students uses a form of RFID called NFC. Students use the app to access dorms and labs, check out library books, buy meals, and pay fees. Your brand delivers on its promise of the best access to training and technology.

When your brand demonstrates integrity, it’s building trust. Brand trust is the driver behind repeat business. It’s the engine of word-of-mouth sales. It’s the basis of good will in your business valuation. Choose RFID to uphold brand integrity, and enjoy the positive effects of brand trust.


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