Case Study: Enoch Pratt Free Public Library

Enoch Pratt Library Case Study

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The Enoch Pratt Free Library is the public library that serves Baltimore city and a portion of the surrounding area. The library needed a renovation in order to better serve 20+ branches and other mobile facilities.

The library contracted Jones Lang LaSalle in order to prepare for the renovation and a warehouse in South Baltimore was leased. This leased space would serve as a temporary central warehouse. The Boston Public Library (and other libraries) donated their used shelving, so new shelving did not need to be purchased for this project. Over 2,000 sections of shelving needed to be taken apart and relocated. NOS managed the moving process and also installed the used shelving in the leased warehouse in Baltimore.


An unexpected snow storm hit Boston, where most of the used shelving was coming from. This shelving was coming from two different locations in Boston.  One location was regularly plowed and the other was in downtown Boston where a permit was required in order to access the street. This second area was not regularly plowed and there was nowhere to put the snow. Additionally, the leased warehouse in South Baltimore had floor variances of up to 12 inches.


The facilities team for Enoch Pratt Public Library knew the best course of action was to bring in storage professionals like NOS, who took the lead in addressing the projects challenges. About 50% of the shelving in Boston had to be removed within a week of contracting with NOS. In order to attain this goal, Systematics, a sister company to NOS, was brought in to disassemble and transport the used shelving (in the regularly plowed Boston area) to the temporary central warehouse in Baltimore. The shelving at the other snow covered area in Boston still had books on their shelves that needed to be boxed up. This part of the project was put off until springtime. Systematics then dismantled approximately 1,500 sections of shelving and later shipped them to Baltimore.

The 12” floor variance at the central warehouse in Baltimore posed a unique challenge, but one that NOS has dealt with many times before. As a result, the warehouse ended up with over 6 linear miles of installed shelving which now served as a fully functional space while the main library was being renovated.

Good communication and an experienced project management team made this project a success!



“John was great in allowing us to simply do our work once the plans were in place. The lines of communication were always open and any field adjustments were made quickly and decisively with buy-in from all parties.“ ~ Jerry Kovack, Storage Specialist