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How Document Conversion Boosts Employee Satisfaction

Document conversion already has a number of well-proven benefits, including: Reduced filing space requirements Fast, accurate information retrieval Secure information access Compliance with accessibility regulations The value of these benefits is easy to quantify, and makes a strong financial case in favor of transforming your operation’s paper documents to searchable, accessible digital documents. There’s another […]

How Hospitals Are Curing Their Retail Spaces

Retailers with captive consumers – notably airports and hospitals – used to enjoy a mini-monopoly. The offerings of the shops were limited and the prices were exorbitant. In the late 1990’s, however, airports began to capitalize on their corridors, installing elaborate retail malls and food courts. In some cities, airports even looked to become dining […]

5 Ways Good Storage Design Makes Your Lab Safer

Safety is always paramount in any lab. Lab designers have safety in mind whenever they are designing a new lab or retrofitting an existing one. Designers’ storage choices can improve a lab’s safety and productivity, but if storage considerations aren’t included in the early design phases, unsafe conditions can actually be “baked in” to a […]

Looking Ahead: Positive Problem-Solving in the New Year

“Are you looking for a solution, or empathy?” Couples therapists teach their clients to ask this fundamental question whenever stress levels begin spiraling upwards. It’s not a question we often ask in the world of enterprise. Businesses are urged to be solutions-oriented. When a client or prospect has a problem, we immediately offer a solution. […]

The Move from Paper to Digital: Weighing the Costs

Cost-benefit analyses are frequently a cure for insomnia – read a page or two and you’re fast asleep. But in fact, we’re constantly performing these analyses in everyday decision-making. At this very moment you might be considering the deliciousness of a pumpkin cranberry muffin vs. an extra hour on the elliptical. As everyone who has […]

What College Campuses are Teaching Office Designers

Remember those carefree college days, hanging out in the stairwells, meeting on the quad, studying in the library, the cafeteria, the student lounge, wherever? Then you began your career and all that spatial freedom was suddenly gone, and you had to be in one place. At one desk. All day. Every day. Five days a […]

Designing the Disaster-Proof Museum

The recent devastating fire in the National Museum of Brazil reminds everyone in the museum realm that disasters can strike any time. Fire, flood, climate, earthquakes – the potential for damage and loss takes many forms, and no museum is invulnerable. The Association of Art Museum Directors reported over 13 million art objects in museums […]

When Mission and Resources Diverge – The Museum Conflict

A recent poll found that the public considers museums to be “the guardians of factual information” – a valuable function in the era of fake news and lack of trust in traditional organizations. Poll respondents felt that the care and preservation of heritage, and the expansion of social knowledge, are two vital primary purposes for […]

Your Office Shows How Much You Trust Your Team

Trust – we all agree it’s fundamental to any organization. Employees have to trust their bosses, managers have to trust their staff, customers have to trust the business. And it’s far easier said than done. How do you create a work environment that reinforces trust and builds the loyalty necessary for a strong, successful organization? […]

The Trust Walk of Document Conversion

Chicago’s Willis Tower Sky Deck is an exercise in trusting what your brain knows, not what your body is telling you. Even though you know the glass-floored balcony is perfectly safe, it’s still tremendously nerve-wracking to take that first step onto an invisible floor more than 1,300 feet above the ground. Document conversion can feel […]