NOS is a minority owned company and many of our solutions are Made in America and readily available on GSA Contract.

“Our client is happy and all is well! Thank you so much for everything. The transformation of the space is amazing and we could not have done it without Karen and the AIS installation team.”
Higher Education, Senior Interior Designer

Aligning with the ever-evolving nature of mail rooms, workspaces, and employee demands, lockers are now essential not only for personal items but also to handle parcels, equipment, and various other essentials. Secure, customizable lockers provide the ideal solution, offering versatility and adaptability needed in these changing environments.

Custom Lockers are

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Our diverse range of laminate finishes and powder-coated metal options harmonize effortlessly with your facility’s visual brand and aesthetic.

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Made To Order

We offer a wide range of widths and heights to perfectly match your storage needs, including uniforms, personal items, supplies, secure package delivery, and more.

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Our metal and laminate surfaces offer easy cleaning and are backed by a lifetime warranty, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

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Equipped with smart locks and RFID technology, our secure lockers not only reduce risk of theft and loss but also lower insurance costs.

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Space is always at a premium. Maximize your storage capacity, minimize your storage footprint, and make every inch productive. High density shelving is good for your bottom line.

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Case Study

The Patricia Handy Place for Women

To be able to have a safe place to put precious personal items can bring true peace of mind. National Office Systems was honored to be able to provide lockers for the Patricia Handy Place for Women – the first of the five homeless shelters in development by the Boswer Adminstration. In Washington DC there are over 7,000 homeless women and men and Mayor Muriel Bowser is actively pursuing change and providing solutions. The Bowser Administration has a plan to open a total of ¬five new homeless shelters. This shelter is designed as an Emergency and Transitional Housing facility and provides women a safe place to live until more permanent housing can be arranged. Security is a main concern and now those with precious items that need safe keeping have a secure locker to place them in.

Other solutions used with Custom Lockers

Evidence lockers

Lockers (keyed and keyless)

Duty Locker