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“I see the wisdom in your digitization recommendation. Thanks for presenting a solution I hadn’t known could be done.”
Large Corporation, VP Real Estate and Facilities

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Digitization transforms your paper documents into digital documents. Documents are a necessary function of any business. It’s simple with digitization. Digital documents will create a “virtual file room.” In addition, it will dramatically reduce real estate costs and maximize your space.

NOS has been partnering with commercial and government clients to manage information by providing proven turnkey solutions, utilizing technology, services, and products to provide secure document management.

    Digital Documents are:

    • Space-saving, maximizing the workspace and reducing real estate costs
    • Searchable, saving time and improving productivity
    • Secure, controlling access to sensitive information
    • Accessible from multiple locations, keeping in-house and remote workers productive
    • Sustainable, reducing paper consumption and waste

    Recent Contracts Include: National Science Foundation, DC Government, Department of Labor, National Cancer Institute,
    American Institute for Research, Johns Hopkins, American Association Colleges of Pharmacy, Tax Foundation and World Bank. 

    What Can Be Digitized?



    Boxed Files

    Blue prints and other large format items

    Audio, videos and photos

    As your digitization partner, NOS brings together technology, services, and products to create a turnkey solution designed specifically for your organization’s needs.

    Our Approach:

    1. Conducting an onsite survey to understand your scanning requirements
    2. Developing a needs assessment
    3. Creating a tailored action plan
    4. Document preparation, scanning, OCR and indexing
    5. Automating system security and access authorization levels

    Digitization is a complex undertaking. NOS, with its depth of experience and commitment to customer service, simplifies the digital documents process and helps you achieve all the benefits of document conversion.


    The NOS team understands the demands of the regulatory environment and how it affects document management.  We will scan documents offsite or onsite, in accordance with your security requirements.

    Security Process

    Our digitization team and services are NARA, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.

    Proven Benefits of Digitization

    Documents/records are a necessary function of any business. It’s simple with digital documents. Going paperless can be challenging from an organizational perspective, however the benefits are impactful. Below are five (5) proven benefits and talking points that are helpful in transitioning to a paperless work environment.

    • Dramatically Reduce Real Estate Costs and Maximize Your Space:
      1. The average filing cabinet consumes a minimum of 9 square feet of space. The average cost/SQFT of Washington DC real estate is $60/SQFT. Let’s assume 250 filing cabinets; roughly 2.5 million pages are taking over 2,200 square feet of space and costing $135,000/year annually just to store the paper. The same cost to scan the paper is roughly $250,000 so your ROI is tangible in less than two years.
      2. Going to a paperless environment allows companies to further maximize your workspace with cubicles, conference rooms, collaboration areas, etc.
      3. Electronic records allow companies to leverage information and governance.
      1. Convenience and Ease of Access to Information:
        1. Information is accessible anywhere or anytime (contingent on where it is eventually stored). i.e.: teleworking, mobility for business travel
        2. Records can be retrieved in seconds as opposed to locating the physical file. Thousands of files can be searched at once.
        3. All files and file directories are searchable and indexed by OCR for each department. Imagine being able to review documents and approve them electronically on or offsite.
      2. Increased Security:
        1. Electronic records are tracked, and security access levels are applied to ensure that the information is not falling into the wrong hands.
        2. Information is stored on a secure electronic Document Management System. Departments control the rights to create, edit, review, approve and access documents.
      3. Automated Retention, Protection, and Increased Compliance:
        1. Once the conversion is made from paper to digital, document retention periods can be automatically monitored, and the information can then be disposed of once it has reached its shelf
        2. In the event of an audit, it is critical to the organization that regulation and record retention schedules are being adhered Simplify that process by managing the content automatically.
      4. Add To Your Green Credentials:
        1. Email and the internet play a large role in helping to reduce the amount of paper we consume. Multiple copies will no longer need to be created as a file backup solution. Less paper and less waste plays a role in keeping our air cleaner by reducing environmental impacts. Easily adaptable into your corporate sustainability programs.

      Digitization Saves Money

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      Secure DOD Agency – RFID

      Secure DOD Agency – RFID

      A secure DOD Agency specializes in military research and needed a more sophisticated way to track laptops, mobile phones, external drives and other portable media storage devices.

      Pharmaceutical Company

      Pharmaceutical Company

      A fast-growing life science pharmaceutical company needed help with storage solutions. The company’s growth had overrun the available storage in several departments, and management was seeking ways to use space more efficiently.

      Government Agency Washington DC  | High Density

      Government Agency Washington DC | High Density

      Like many official documents, laws are printed on paper. One government agency plays a key role in the administration of laws, and this agency maintains paper copies of all the many laws it enforces. Quick retrieval of documents is an essential function of this agency, but insufficient storage space made document organization and retrieval difficult.

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