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We appreciate that our clients let us share their storage success story


A large financial institution invited NOS into their organization to address their never ending file room space issues and as a result their organization changed forever.

The room was filled with vertical and lateral file cabinets. Cabinets lined the walls and a labyrinth formed between the four walls. Frustrated, staff began placing files on top of cabinets where they SHOULD be filed if there was room in the cabinet.

The staff reached an emotional peak and it became a very real financial burden for the organization when the files could not be located within a reasonable period of time. The client’s wait time was becoming an untenable situation.

The solution was an overall file room redesign. The company needed a high-density system to provide additional storage and create a more efficient system for the staff.


The challenge was to implement this change during working hours with little to no effect to the flow of business. The NOS professional services division specializes in “work in place” projects and has teams that are both efficient and effective at keeping track of the previous system and converting to the new system in a logical and understandable manner. This team was brought in to manage the transition.


The process was not as simple as building a high-density system and placing folders on the shelves. The files were removed from the cabinets and placed on carts in temporary accessible storage while NOS built the High-Density Mobile System, in place. The professional services division then went to work and converted all of the labels from top tab to side tab using a new label design. Once the high-density system was complete they loaded the folders into the system, exactly where they needed to be.

With this new system the client gained two levels of filing space in the same floor space. In addition, as the mobile system does not require as much floor space there was a 60% increase of linear file inches (LFI). The original filing storage area contained 28,375 LFI. After installing a High-Density Mobile System in the SAME SPACE they now have 45,400 LFI capacity. This not only meets their current requirements but also allows space for growth and expansion.

“It was a great experience to see how we could transform just one file room and almost double their storage capacity. As a result of this change, they are now able to meet their client’s requests in a timely manner and have room to grow.” – Denise Cruz, Storage Specialist