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An Opportunity for Better Document Organization

Like many official documents, laws are printed on paper. One government agency plays a key role in the administration of laws, and this agency maintains paper copies of all the many laws it enforces. Quick retrieval of documents is an essential function of this agency, but insufficient storage space made document organization and retrieval difficult.

The Challenge

Paper is a bulky medium, and the agency’s storage space was chronically overcrowded. A relocation to new offices offered an opportunity to improve the agency’s document storage. But without a well-designed functional storage system, the extra space would be quickly overrun as new laws generated new documents.

The Solution

The new facilities allocated three spaces for storage: one for boxed items, one for documents in filing boxes, and one for law books in a library format with research stations.  The NOS team was brought in early in the design phase, working with the agency’s architects to analyze storage needs and spaces.

For each of the three spaces, high density storage proved to be the best solution. The high density storage systems eliminated fixed aisles, doubling the available storage capacity. With a wide assortment of adjustable shelves and bins, the high density system accommodated every shape and size of the agency’s stored items: paper documents, file boxes, and books.

Safe, space-saving storage was part of the solution, but NOS also found a way to assist researchers in efficient document retrieval. On the end panel of each shelving carriage, a shelf was added for a keyboard and monitor to give researchers access to their central database. Document search and retrieval became quick and easy.

The new high density storage system has prepared the agency for today and tomorrow. It can now fulfill its mission with improved speed and efficiency, and it’s ready to manage the flow of new legal documents in the future.

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