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We appreciate that our clients let us share their storage success story

Moving Forward by Using Mobile Shelving

This government agency plays a key role in the enforcement and administration of laws.   The staff needs well organized storage for quick retrieval of information and files.  Relocating to a new space provided the chance to reevaluate their storage rooms and library while allowing for future growth.

The Challenge

The goal was to provide a smooth transition from the old building to the new building and to optimally utilize the space. The new space had three rooms designated for storage: one for filing boxes, one for items in boxes, and one for law books in a library format with research stations.   Pandemic restrictions added complexity to the process with multiple entities involved.

The Solution

The NOS team was brought in early to provide specialty storage design options so a variety of space saving solutions could be reviewed.  High density mobile shelving was selected for all three rooms.   This type of solution is advantageous over standard shelving because it doubles the storage capacity within in the same footprint by eliminating fixed aisles.   Twice as many files and binders, boxes and books could occupy the same amount of space.  In the library, NOS added end panel shelves to each carriage for a keyboard and monitor enabling staff to search the computer database and locate the law books quickly and efficiently.

Due to the pandemic, the team had to get creative with virtual meetings and site visits to quickly process changes and keep the project moving forward with a challenging timeline.  Working as a team they were able to focus on the goals of maximizing the space and completing the project on time.

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