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Making Space For a Company That Makes a Difference in Government Contracting

A top 100 government contractor who operates as an umbrella company for over 40 companies was looking for a new way to manage their human resources files. With over 800 boxes of human resources files the momentum to manage this project was found when they decided to move to a smaller space.

The Challenge

Human resource files are unique as they include a variety of different types of documents and require a higher level of confidentiality. From offer letters, employment contracts, benefits information, personal identification there are up to 75 different types of documents, therefore, these files required a complex solution. In addition, these files are tied to over 40 different entities with several locations requiring access at any given time.

The Solution

Confidentiality was of paramount importance in this project along with understanding and classifying the large quantity of documents at hand. The NOS Professional Service Solutions (PSS) team takes confidentiality seriously. Each team member goes through deep background checks with annual updates and use only private secure computers that are not connected to the internet and do not have ports for an external storage device. To categorize each document was a much higher hurdle to scale. Working closely with the client, the PSS team was able to analyze and create a form recognition system so they could work independently while classifying documents that spanned multiple years with documents that could look different year over year. In total, over 800 file boxes of files were processed. Each file was disassembled, scanned, indexed, and processed for access protocols.

At the completion of this seven-month project, close to 500,000 PDF’s were created and put into a secure content management system for easy access by the appropriately authorized individuals. The hard copy files were shredded, and the company was able to move into the smaller space while enjoying reliable and time saving access to these confidential documents.

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