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Whether your management style is hands-on or hands-off, touchless technology brings some definite advantages to your enterprise. U.S. businesses are undergoing major changes, looking for ways to operate safely while preserving profitability. Workplace size and design are shifting rapidly as part of the “new normal” of doing business, making this an ideal time to incorporate some touchless tech into the new work setting.

How does touchless tech benefit your operations?

Safety: Everything we touch is a potential petri dish. Many office buildings have automated doors and lighting in common areas, but it’s up to tenants to add touchless tech to leased spaces. Internal doors, lockers, thermostats, blinds, conferencing equipment, and many other elements can now be controlled with wireless devices or voice technology. In a touchless workplace, contagious bacteria and viruses never get a chance to infect your staff and slow down your operations. Healthy employees are productive employees.

Security: Hoteling offices and distributed hub-and-spokes offices don’t offer much security for items like backpacks, personal electronics, or uniforms. Touchless lockers bring a new level of security to the workplace. A smartphone app or an RFID badge gives the user touchless access to stored items. Systems managers can remotely change the electronic access codes for touchless lockers, eliminating the need to track down duplicate keys or cut new copies. Shared touchless lockers maintain access records so it’s simple to identify users. With touchless lockers, businesses save the cost of replacing pilfered personal items and stored company equipment.

Design: Social distancing requirements are reshaping the new-normal workplace. Distancing structures and touchless systems controls are now important design features. Structural components like touchless lockers maintain social distancing and traffic patterns while adding a pleasing aesthetic element. Tenant-installed touchless WiFi IoT systems control everything from blinds to environmental temperature, personalized for each staffer’s preference. In combination with building automation systems (BAS), these control systems reduce energy usage and energy costs.

The pandemic has imposed changes on the way we do business today. Hands-off touchless technology – some of it well-established, some of it cutting edge – helps organizations adapt to the new normal and reduces costs at the same time. That’s a benefit anyone would want to get their hands on.


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