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“The NOS RFID system has made our process much more efficient when tracking our equipment and inventory during customer’s moves.”
Large Relocation Company, Vice President of Operations

When your storage demands a robust solution, heavy duty shelving emerges as the ultimate choice. Whether you’re dealing with weighty machinery, bulky encyclopedias, or delicate art sculptures, the load-bearing prowess of steel construction becomes imperative. Say goodbye to compromise and welcome a storage solution that accommodates even your most substantial items, ensuring both strength and safety.

Heavy Duty Shelving is

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In a world where weight matters, our heavy duty shelving triumphs. Every shelf is meticulously crafted from 18-gauge steel, meticulously engineered to uphold the heftiest of contents. Bid farewell to worries of swaying or sagging under pressure—our shelving stands as a beacon of strength.


Flexibility reigns supreme in our heavy duty shelving offerings. Tailored to your exact requirements, you can configure your shelving with open shelves, drawers, or bins. The adjustable shelves embrace your changing storage needs, making adaptability a part of the design.

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Unlock the true potential of your storage space with our stackable heavy duty shelving. Elevate your storage capacity through multi-level shelving, effortlessly accessed via stairs and mezzanines. This ingenious design maximizes vertical space.

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Our heavy duty shelving is more than just robust—it’s a testament to durability. Crafted to withstand the test of time, it promises years of unfaltering service, thus curbing the strain on your capital expenses and letting you channel resources where they matter most.

In the realm of storage solutions, heavy duty shelving isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity when strength, customization, and longevity are paramount. Embrace a storage solution that speaks the language of your heaviest items while offering the versatility you demand. Witness a fusion of strength and adaptability that paves the way for efficient, enduring storage.

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Case Study


This International Law firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., had an expiring lease and was in a dated building.  The decision was made to relocate to a newer building, closer to the K St, NW Corridor. The challenge now was to utilize the space efficiently and cost effectively.

Major Law Firm

The firm has an extensive paper filing system and needed assistance with organizing exactly what would remain in paper form and what needed to be digitized. The new office space had limited storage capacity so preplanning and instituting a plan was vital to a successful move. In addition to reducing paper files, there were also floor loading weight restrictions that needed to be accommodated.

Enoch Pratt

The Enoch Pratt Free Library is the public library that serves Baltimore city and a portion of the surrounding area. A renovation was needed so that they could better serve over 20 branches and several mobile facilities.

The Patricia Handy Place for Women

To be able to have a safe place to put precious personal items can bring true peace of mind. National Office Systems was honored to be able to provide lockers for the Patricia Handy Place for Women – the first of the five homeless shelters in development by the Boswer Adminstration. In Washington DC there are over 7,000 homeless women and men and Mayor Muriel Bowser is actively pursuing change and providing solutions. The Bowser Administration has a plan to open a total of ¬five new homeless shelters. This shelter is designed as an Emergency and Transitional Housing facility and provides women a safe place to live until more permanent housing can be arranged. Security is a main concern and now those with precious items that need safe keeping have a secure locker to place them in.

Mead Art Museum, Amherst College

Century-old collections preserved using unique storage solutions
Established in 1949, the Mead Art Museum, which houses the art collection of Amherst College that consists of more than 14,000 American and African works, world renowned paintings and unique textiles, underwent a major renovation of its collection storage areas to provide improved preservation through segregated temperature and climate-controlled storage areas. The ASA member worked with the museum’s collection manager to provide the optimum storage solution for its vast range of objects within each uniquely designed storage area

American Textile Museum

Prestigious textile museum consolidates and preserves important collections
The American Textile History Museum, which houses the most significant, publicly-held, integrated textile collection of clothing, fabrics, tools, spinning wheels and hand looms in America, acquired two large coverlet collections and curators sought to develop a premier storage solution specially designed for its unique needs. Also, the textile collection reached maximum storage capacity, requiring an improved and space-saving solution. By partnering with an ASA member, the museum was able to improve preservation methods and increase storage capacity, allowing for additional space to expand the collections and provide staff with improved accessibility to stored objects.

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Material Handling

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