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Herbiculture | Lateral Sliding Files

Herbiculture | Lateral Sliding Files

The Challenge

The State of Maryland and Herbiculture required that the distributed product be locked in a vault and be under the surveillance of multiple video recording devices. NOS, Inc. was challenged to survey, design and install a storage solution that met the client’s various requirements based on legal and workflow factors.

The Process and Solution

During the survey phase, it was determined the solution must work with the existing camera angles. It was also understood that there was a total of 100 sq ft to work with – and no more. NOS, Inc. identified the current inventory levels, studied their workflow, and the vault space inclusive of vault door reinforcements.

The solution was a system designed with a lateral sliding shelving system which doubled their capacity on each wall, taking into account the video data capture requirements.

Herbiculture was impressed by the swift process from survey to installation and received a custom solution within 6 weeks.