NOS is a minority owned company and many of our solutions are Made in America and readily available on GSA Contract.

“I just wanted to let you know that your team did a fantastic job of transitioning our files into the new high density system yesterday.”
GSA, Chief Records Officer

Optimize your real estate budget while meeting your ever-expanding storage needs with our cutting-edge solution: High Density Storage Solutions. Imagine a world where your storage challenges are met head-on, allowing you to reclaim valuable space and utilize it more efficiently than ever before.

High Density Storage is:

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No matter the dimensions or types of items you need to store – be it documents, books, hospital supplies, crime scene evidence, or precious artworks – our High Density Shelving is fully customizable. Tailored to fit your available space, these solutions are engineered to accommodate items of any shape or size.

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Anticipate changes and growth effortlessly with our adaptable system. The easy-to-rearrange shelves and drawers ensure that your storage evolves alongside your needs, making sure that every inch of your space is utilized effectively.

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Rest easy knowing your belongings are under the safeguard of our state-of-the-art security features. Electronic locks keep your contents secure, while mobility locks prioritize the safety of your staff as they navigate through the storage area.

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Our High Density Storage solutions go beyond space-saving. They are designed to protect your items impeccably, thanks to non-reactive surfaces that are optimized for climate-controlled conditions. Your valuables remain in pristine condition, ready for whenever you need them.

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Case Study

Financial Institution

A large financial institution invited NOS into their organization to address their never ending file room space issues and as a result their organization changed forever.

The room was filled with vertical and lateral file cabinets. Cabinets lined the walls and a labyrinth formed between the four walls. Frustrated, staff began placing files on top of cabinets where they SHOULD be filed if there was room in the cabinet.

Mead Art Museum, Amherst College

Century-old collections preserved using unique storage solutions

Established in 1949, the Mead Art Museum, which houses the art collection of Amherst College that consists of more than 14,000 American and African works, world renowned paintings and unique textiles, underwent a major renovation of its collection storage areas to provide improved preservation through segregated temperature and climate-controlled storage areas. The ASA member worked with the museum’s collection manager to provide the optimum storage solution for its vast range of objects within each uniquely designed storage area

Major Law Firm

The firm has an extensive paper filing system and needed assistance with organizing exactly what would remain in paper form and what needed to be digitized. The new office space had limited storage capacity so preplanning and instituting a plan was vital to a successful move. In addition to reducing paper files, there were also floor loading weight restrictions that needed to be accommodated.

Large International Financial Agency

A large international financial agency/firm needed to renovate a 10 story, 40-year-old building due to an antiquated HVAC system. As the entire building was being gutted, a review of personnel versus storage space requirements was required and completed. In the end, more space was needed for personnel and the overall storage space was reduced by 30% without decreasing what they stored or losing easy access to any individual item.

American Textile Museum

Prestigious textile museum consolidates and preserves important collections
The American Textile History Museum, which houses the most significant, publicly-held, integrated textile collection of clothing, fabrics, tools, spinning wheels and hand looms in America, acquired two large coverlet collections and curators sought to develop a premier storage solution specially designed for its unique needs. Also, the textile collection reached maximum storage capacity, requiring an improved and space-saving solution. By partnering with an ASA member, the museum was able to improve preservation methods and increase storage capacity, allowing for additional space to expand the collections and provide staff with improved accessibility to stored objects.

Other Solutions Used with High Density Storage

Digitization Solutions

Digitization Solutions

RFID Asset Tracking

Lockers (keyed, keyless)