We appreciate that our clients let us share their storage success story

Document conversion already has a number of well-proven benefits, including:

  • Reduced filing space requirements
  • Fast, accurate information retrieval
  • Secure information access
  • Compliance with accessibility regulations

The value of these benefits is easy to quantify, and makes a strong financial case in favor of transforming your operation’s paper documents to searchable, accessible digital documents.

There’s another benefit, however. It’s less obvious, but it translates into cost savings just as surely as those other benefits listed above. It’s the value of employee health and job satisfaction created by telework. A recent study showed some rather alarming statistics associated with long commutes:

  • 33% more likely to suffer from depression
  • 37% more likely to suffer financial anxieties
  • 12% more likely to have work-related stress
  • 46% more likely to be sleep-deprived
  • 21% more likely to be obese

The bottom line: A long commute cuts deeply into employees’ job satisfaction and productivity. In the Washington, D.C., area, the average public transportation commute time is 86 minutes.

But there’s a solution, and it involves document conversion.

Current trends show that a combination of telework and flexible office hours is optimal for employee satisfaction, loyalty, longevity, and productivity. This is where document conversion comes into the picture. A document may have originated on paper, but once it is converted to a digital format, it can be accessed from anywhere. Work can continue whether an employee is in the office or at home. Moreover, security protocols control who is allowed to read documents and edit them, ensuring the safety of sensitive information – a higher degree of security than paper documents which can easily be lost or misfiled, or fall into the wrong hands.

It doesn’t take an in-depth study to tell managers that employee satisfaction translates into profits. Hiring and training alone are costly, averaging $4189 to hire and $1886 to train just one new employee. But with the greater employee satisfaction which telework creates, these are costs that businesses can avoid. Add these HR savings to the value of reduced storage space, increased productivity, and improved security, and the conclusion is obvious: Document conversion is good for your employees and good for your bottom line.


Photo © elnariz/AdobeStock