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Studies show that our well-intended New Year’s resolutions begin to drop off only one week into the new year. We all know the guilty feeling that goes along with abandoning a goal! Entrepreneur Thomas Oppong says it doesn’t have to be that way. He offers some advice on how to lose the guilt and make your resolutions achievable.

Oppong’s recommendations:

  1. Choose only one or two items from your resolutions list.
  2. Break them down into smaller tasks, achievable on a weekly basis.
  3. Set deadlines; this will help you benchmark your progress and dig deep when you need to.
  4. Use a productivity app; impersonal reminders don’t have the emotional baggage of internal nagging.
  5. Celebrate incremental successes; a little reward along the way is always encouraging.
  6. Commit to achieving the goal; you may be committed to the goal itself, but are you committed to doing what’s necessary to get there? If not, maybe it’s not that important to you and you should consider choosing another goal.

As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Happy travels!


Photo © rdonar/Fotolia