“I see the wisdom in your document imaging recommendation. Thanks for presenting a solution I hadn’t known could be done.”
Large Corporation, VP Real Estate and Facilities

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Document imaging transforms your paper documents into digital documents. Documents are a necessary function of any business. It’s simple with document imaging. Imaging will create a “virtual file room.” In addition, it will dramatically reduce real estate costs and maximize your space.

  • Document specialists are HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance certified
  • SAM DOCS software is hosted on FedRAMP compliant certified server
  • All imaging services are NARA compliant

Digital Documents are:

  • Space-saving, maximizing the workspace and reducing real estate costs
  • Searchable, saving time and improving productivity
  • Secure, controlling access to sensitive information
  • Accessible from multiple locations, keeping in-house and remote workers productive
  • Sustainable, reducing paper consumption and waste

Recent Contracts Include: National Science Foundation, DC Government, Department of Labor, National Cancer Institute, American Institute for Research, Johns Hopkins, American Association Colleges of Pharmacy, Tax Foundation and World Bank

As your imaging partner, NOS brings together technology, services, and products to create a turnkey solution designed specifically for your organization’s needs.

This is our approach:

  1. Conducting an onsite survey to understand why you need SAM DOCS
  2. Developing a needs assessment
  3. Creating a tailored action plan
  4. Document preparation, scanning, OCR and indexing
  5. Automating system security and access authorization levels

The NOS team understands the demands of the regulatory environment and how it affects document management. Our document specialists are certified in HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Our document management software application is hosted on FedRAMP compliant servers. Our imaging services team is NARA compliant. We will scan documents offsite or onsite, in accordance with your security requirements.

Document imaging is a complex undertaking. NOS, with its depth of experience and commitment to customer service, simplifies the imaging process and helps you achieve all the benefits of document conversion.

NOS has been partnering with commercial and government clients to manage information by providing proven turnkey solutions, utilizing technology, services, and products to provide secure document management.

What Can Be Digitized?



Boxed Files

Blue prints and other large format items

Audio, videos and photos

Digitization Saves Money

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