NOS is a minority owned company and many of our solutions are Made in America and readily available on GSA Contract.
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Industries We Serve


National Office Systems will offer you peace of mind by working with you in order to understand your storage requirements. Our focus is based on maximizing efficiency, user-friendliness, and productivity, which in turn will lead to maximizing your bottom line by having the information and resources you need.

We begin our design development by completing a site visit to analyze the needs of your space, resources, and materials. We are able to meet the requirements and difficult needs of your unique business by providing you with a customized storage solution to help you benefit on new future opportunities.

National Office Systems can provide you with a storage solution that will provide a return on investment through increased productivity and greater efficiency per square footage in your company.


There are a variety of contracts, partnerships, and teaming agreements, including small business and service-disabled veteran owned small businesses that give you every choice available on how you want to procure your storage and records management systems.

Rely on the experts from NOS for your high density shelving solutions for military, healthcare, corporate, institutional, educational and retail environments. We also specialize in modular casework, movable (demountable) walls, and secure weapons cabinets. Every system provides convenience, security, quick access and personnel safety.


National Office Systems has provided high density shelving solutions in all healthcare establishments: from hospitals, surgical suites, clinics, physician’s offices, and laboratories. In today’s ever changing environment, sustainability has never been more significant and with dwindling resources and limited space the need for conservation has become extremely important within the industry.

Over the years, we have continued to partner with the industry leading manufacturers to deliver the top selections in healthcare storage to keep your facilities up to date.


Our goal at National Office Systems is to provide a storage system that will protect our customers most cherished assets. For over 35 years, our team of experts has been able to manage and preserve valuable historic possessions. All of our products surpass the high standards of conservation practices.

Our top priority is to provide our clients with the most efficient, cost effective storage solutions. At National Office Systems our team will complete a thorough on-site analysis of the current space as well as an inquiry of the inventory. The design team will then create a storage solution that best suits our client’s needs.

We have a variety of storage options available. From preservation cabinets to drawers for objects that need to lay flat. As well as durable shelving and racks for hanging artwork, to overcome any obstacle when designing the perfect storage space.


Education storage has changed and over the years National Office Systems has been the industry leader in education and library storage in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our skilled experts will provide you with any storage solution from managing space, organization, and creating space where it is restricted and budgets are limited. We can also help with Digital Asset Management and RFID tracking.

We understand that you have growing resources and an increase in student and faculty expectations. Our products and services will provide you with the highest quality solution, in which we can help you redefine your library and education environments to best meet your expectations and customized solutions.

We will provide you with our complete customer satisfaction, guaranteed highest value solutions, and exceptional product quality. Our team will provide you with complete design services, on-site analysis for both standardized and customized solutions all while keeping the aesthetics and environment you love.

Public Safety / Military

Overcrowding and budget constraints can rob you of crucial storage space. More importantly, limited space can lead to disorganization, which often undermines security, accountability, and chain of custody.

National Office Systems has provided local, state, and federal agencies a complete suite of law enforcement storage solutions. NOS is expert at reforming space within an existing or new facility. Count on us to help you overcome the challenges of an overburdened system and regain control using highly secure and organized high density shelving systems. Available by a variety of procurement options from GSA, Women Owned Small Business, MBE, Alaskan Native 8(a) and more.

We answer the call for help with complete design services, including a thorough onsite needs analysis and both standardized and best-fit custom storage. Our products meet the highest standards of durability and offer reliable long-term storage and protection of your officer personnel items and duty bags and other indispensable and wide-ranging items, from documents to weapons, evidence to supplies.


National Office Systems has been the leading provider of material handling and automated storage and retrieval systems. Our team of storage experts will provide you with a cost-effective solution to increase productivity while saving you floor space. We have provided many organizations these storage solutions in manufacturing, retail, office, distribution, institutions and warehouse environments.

We offer a wide range of bins such as: sloped shelving, drawers, stackers, hanging systems, tip out bins and shelf bins, which can storage items small to large. You can customize your storage solution with our color selection and color-coded storage scenarios. Modular bin carts are also available and the slide positions are adjustable on 1″ centers that enable the carts to work with many different bins/trays.

National Office Systems continuously partners with the leading manufacturers to provide you with flexible solutions to increase productivity, utilize floor space and improve employee ergonomics. We will work with you to provide you with the best solution that meets your organizations’ needs.

A & D

At National Office Systems, we pride ourselves with being able to come up with a storage solution for any situation. Our team of highly skilled designers will work with you to design a storage space based on your unique needs from colors, fixtures, storage options, cabinets, millwork/casework and placement of furniture. Our creative and experienced team will work with you to come up with a strategy that best meets your client’s budget and time frame needs.

Our dependable relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers allow us to share our storage capabilities and application design strategies to offer you the greatest level of cost savings and benefits. At National Office Systems we know what it takes to achieve a quality level of service with what the architect and design community demands. We are able to provide you with the results you need for your storage requirements by working together on every project with superior communication to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients.