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Form vs. function has always been the big balancing act that designers strive for. A building, an interior, a public space – each has a unique and vital function, but in order to fulfill the function, they must attract users through good esthetics. Too often, says author Lance Hosey in this Huffington Post article, designers please only themselves rather than thinking of the end users of their buildings or spaces. The result is a design that functions poorly, and is visually appealing to only a few.

Hosey suggests that designers stop thinking of their work as “art,” and start considering it as a blend of art and science. For example, science states that natural light and fresh air support productivity and well-being. Studies point to the value of both “idea exchange” social spaces and “focused work” private spaces in the workplace. By incorporating aspects of organizational productivity and wellness science into their designs, designers can create the ideal blend of form and function.


Photo © F.C.G./Fotolia