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We appreciate that our clients let us share their storage success story

A large international financial agency/firm needed to renovate a 10 story, 40-year-old building due to an antiquated HVAC system. As the entire building was being gutted, a review of personnel versus storage space requirements was required and completed. In the end, more space was needed for personnel and the overall storage space was reduced by 30% without decreasing what they stored or losing easy access to any individual item.

What started as a simple equation of space and storage, quickly changed to include alternative options and unique design solutions to fit the changing landscape of the project. No single solution was going to work, multiple divisions of NOS became involved and each division in turn had to ask questions and listen carefully to understand their role and the challenge they were asked to address.


One department was unable to compress all of their sensitive financial documents into the designated storage area due to a ceiling height change. The solution: Change from a binder system to side tab folder system to reduce the height and maintain the total number of files. In the end there was no loss of file capacity even with a large loss of physical space.

Among the many areas impacted by the renovation was a library which housed international publications and historic documents. In order to provide options, an intensive analysis of the current collection was necessary. All departments within NOS participated in the physical inventory, collaborating with the staff, and presenting solutions.

The new 7,500 sf library was designed 100% by NOS and each section of shelving was minutely mapped for document placement. The value achieved: Historic and valuable publications held their position within a library which represents important global history and the thoughts of the brilliant minds that created that history.

These solutions created new and better business practices, and everything fit!

The Result

The goal was to provide the space needed to store and easily access all files and binders and this was accomplished. Beyond the initial goal, new systems were instituted that were not foreseen from the outset, and the way the client manages their files and documents has completely changed for the better. A new level of security was placed on the most important files through RFID tracking and peace of mind exists in those departments today.

“This was a fantastic project to work on mainly because of the opportunity to bring the different core competencies of the NOS teams together to create a one source solution. The NOS teams (NOS, AIS & PSS) were able to work together towards a common goal. The end result was that our client was extremely satisfied. “ ~ Denise Cruz, Storage Specialist