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“Denise has provided the right design, coupled with the right product for every complex storage requirement that has been developed in our command.”
Defense Client, Design and Construction, Senior Project Manager

Unlocking increased storage capacity doesn’t have to equate to expanding your storage area. Introducing lateral sliding cabinets—a revolutionary solution that enables you to store more than double the contents of fixed cabinets or shelving within the same space. And the beauty lies not only in the space-saving potential but also in the seamless scalability: when the need arises for more capacity, seamlessly incorporate another layer of sliding cabinets to your current setup. It’s the epitome of enhanced capacity, minimized floor space, and effortless expansion

Lateral Sliding Filing is

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Embrace the ease of lateral sliding filing cabinets, akin to sliding doors, as they glide sideways along low-profile tracks with a simple touch. This intuitive design ensures quick and hassle-free access to your stored items.


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As your business charts a path of growth, your storage can effortlessly grow with it. Simply introduce another track and an additional filing unit to the front of your existing lateral sliding system. This adaptive approach guarantees that your storage capacity remains in sync with your evolving needs.

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Bid farewell to the extensive storage footprint of traditional fixed-aisle shelving and file cabinets. Lateral sliding filing systems revolutionize space utilization, requiring only a fraction of the space while delivering unparalleled storage efficiency.

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 Choose from various depths, select shelving configurations, and opt for lockable drawers. Furthermore, our range of powder-coated finishes making these cabinets the ideal choice for document filing, office supplies, media storage, and even medical storage.

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Case Study

Major Law Firm

The firm has an extensive paper filing system and needed assistance with organizing exactly what would remain in paper form and what needed to be digitized. The new office space had limited storage capacity so preplanning and instituting a plan was vital to a successful move. In addition to reducing paper files, there were also floor loading weight restrictions that needed to be accommodated.


The State of Maryland and Herbiculture required that the distributed product be locked in a vault and be under the surveillance of multiple video recording devices. NOS, Inc. was challenged to survey, design and install a storage solution that met the client’s various requirements based on legal and workflow factors.


This International Law firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., had an expiring lease and was in a dated building.  The decision was made to relocate to a newer building, closer to the K St, NW Corridor. The challenge now was to utilize the space efficiently and cost effectively.

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