NOS is a minority owned company and many of our solutions are Made in America and readily available on GSA Contract.

“I have worked on two separate High Density Systems with NOS. I would say that —their products, installation and services are all outstanding.  They worked to meet tight deadlines and their professionalism to detail is reflected in the end project result.”
Deputy Director of large library GSA installation

Books, although weighty, possess an intrinsic fragility that demands specialized care. The realm of bookstack shelving stands as a crucial domain, tasked with two pivotal goals: bearing the weight of numerous books and safeguarding them against wear and tear. Our library bookstack shelving emerges as the epitome of strength, providing a stalwart foundation to cradle books of various sizes and genres. What’s more, our commitment to preserving the essence of each book is reflected in the uninterrupted, smooth surfaces that shield delicate covers from scratches and tears.

Library Book Stack Storage Is

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The robustness of our shelving is unparalleled. Constructed from 18-gauge steel, it is primed to withstand the weighty burden of books and documents without a hint of swaying or sagging. This durability is the cornerstone of our shelving’s design.

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Preserving the legacy of books is at the heart of our shelving solutions. Non-reactive powder-coated finishes stand as sentinels, deterring the onset of foxing and mildew. Moreover, the absence of protruding hardware and fasteners ensures pages remain unmarred by damage.


Our stationary shelving takes a transformative leap into the realm of space-saving marvels. Through ingenious design, it metamorphoses into a mobile storage system, accommodating your growing collection without necessitating an expansion of your storage footprint. 


Diversity in book sizes and shapes is a given.  Choose from an assortment of shelf widths, depths, and custom heights to house books of all kinds. Furthermore, our finishes harmonize with any décor, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics.

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Case Study

Enoch Pratt

The Enoch Pratt Free Library is the public library that serves Baltimore city and a portion of the surrounding area. A renovation was needed so that they could better serve over 20 branches and several mobile facilities.


This International Law firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., had an expiring lease and was in a dated building.  The decision was made to relocate to a newer building, closer to the K St, NW Corridor. The challenge now was to utilize the space efficiently and cost effectively.

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