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We appreciate that our clients let us share their storage success story

The Challenge

The firm has an extensive paper filing system and needed assistance with organizing exactly what would remain in paper form and what needed to be digitized. The new office space had limited storage capacity so preplanning and instituting a plan was vital to a successful move. In addition to reducing paper files, there were also floor loading weight restrictions that needed to be accommodated.

The Process and Solution

NOS, Inc. was able to bring in 2 full time PSS staff members to work at the client site for 5 weeks. These staff members are highly trained document management professionals who understand document workflow. They assisted with daily file room tasks that included; interfile documents into associated folders – interfile files into current file room location(s) – refiling of files into filing systems – pulling of files requested by staff – delivery of files requested. This work helped the PSS team understand the firm’s unique document workflow. With the help of the Manager of Support Services they were able to identify which paper files were required to move to the new location, which would be purged and the balance to be digitized as multipage PDF’s.

Prior to the conversion, the client and NOS, Inc. identified a “test binder” to be scanned as a proof of concept. This was also done to ensure the quality of the electronic files to be delivered was satisfactory as well as build consensus for the indexing structure to be used on the files. Analysis showed that 3 index levels would be applied to the scanned legal records and delivered via an internal file sharing application the client was using at the time. All the electronic records were OCR’d, ensuring the text and file directories were searchable for the end users. This project lasted roughly 1 month, and NOS, Inc. delivered over 40 binders that had been converted to electronic files.

Once the retained files had been identified, NOS, Inc. designed a combination of high-density storage systems on two floors to maximize the space available. NOS, Inc. designed a high-density mobile filing storage system, a Trak slider shelving system as well as a significant number of stationary records shelving units. These stationary shelving units were needed to meet the requirement of the floor loading restrictions. With the files reviewed, scanned and purged the client was ready for a successful move.

The process from start to finish included, organizing the existing paper files, learning the workflow process, identifying files to be retained, purged or digitized, performing the digitization, designing the new storage solution and moving the files to the new site. These processes are actions that NOS, Inc. performs every day.