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Optimizing the core elements of manufacturing, including speed, efficiency, materials, and labor, are vital to the production process. Inefficient workflows, low material inventory, and unsafe work environments can impede throughput and reduce productivity. Integrating a vertical storage carousel helps protect your operation from these challenges by enhancing material accessibility, inventory management, and workplace safety — all within a compact footprint. 

Material Handling is

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Whether you need to store rolled materials, boxed items, hardware, or automotive parts, a vertical carousel system enables you to recover up to 80% of storage floor space.

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Significantly improve throughput and productivity by increasing picking volume, reducing travel and search times, and ensuring accurate inventory management. 

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Ensure your operation runs at peak efficiency while reducing the risk of strains and fall as workers can easily remove and replace materials at an ergonomic lifting height.

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Made To Order

Customize the ideal design for your space and storage needs with a range of shelves, bins, and rod hangers, as well as various widths, heights, and layouts to choose from.

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Case Study

National Historic Site

World-renowned historic museum employs state-of-the-art vertical storage solutions and saves on real estate costs.

The price of commercial and industrial real estate is always on the rise, and facilities managers often face the challenge of finding additional storage capacity on a limited budget. Many times the solution can be a vertical expansion, instead of costlier horizontal growth.

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