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We appreciate that our clients let us share their storage success story

Congratulations! Your company has just acquired a sleek, compact high density storage system to replace that bulky, unattractive space hog of a “filing farm.” Now what? How do you organize that new system to reap the maximum benefits for you, your co-workers, and the business?

  1. Use your imagination – Close your eyes and imagine where you would instinctively look for certain files. Do some files need to be in a special “ready access” section? Can others go into a deep archive?
  2. Purge – Moving from old file cabinets to a high density system is the perfect time to ditch unneeded, outdated documents, non-functioning office equipment, and that super-size box of floppy disks from 1996 (we’re not judging!).
  3. Communicate – Unless you’re the only person who uses the storage system, your colleagues need to know how to file and retrieve properly. Post the instructions where everyone can see them, so your beautiful organizational system doesn’t fall into chaos.
  4. Be consistent – Speaking of chaos, maintain a consistent filing schedule (daily? weekly?) to avoid the filing nightmare of unsorted, unfiled documents stacked on every flat surface.
  5. Measure your success – Keep track of how much faster you and your co-workers are able to find essential documents, and file them again when the task is completed. If the system needs to be tweaked, you’ll know where to adjust. Most important, you’ll be able to chart the cost/benefit of your new, efficient filing system.

Organizing your organization system takes forethought, communication, and methodical consistency, but it’s well worth the initial effort. And the payoff – efficiency, lower real estate costs, better document security – goes straight to your company’s bottom line.


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