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“Denise has provided the right design, coupled with the right product for every complex storage requirement that has been developed in our command”
Defense Client, Design and Construction, Senior Project Manager

Navigating the intricate landscape of museum storage demands is no small feat. Museums are tasked with housing a diverse array of art and artifacts—each varying in size, shape, and material—while ensuring their preservation remains uncompromised. Fueled by limited storage space, the imperative is clear: maximum efficiency is key. Through our meticulously tailored fusion of various storage systems, we present a solution that safeguards your priceless collections with utmost care, all while paving the way for future acquisitions.

Museum Art, Textile & Collection are

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Crafted with versatility in mind, our storage solutions boast drawers, bins, and adjustable shelves capable of accommodating items of any size or shape. These configurations not only house your existing collection but seamlessly expand as your treasures multiply.

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A paramount concern for any museum, our systems address preservation head-on. Non-reactive surfaces coupled with climate-controlled cabinets stand guard against the perils of deterioration, ensuring your precious items remain in their current state of splendor.

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Our offerings cater to the unique needs of various mediums. Be it textiles, art, or artifacts, our racks and flat files empower you to store them vertically, rolled, or flat—each medium finds its perfect haven.

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Experience a 50% floor space reduction with our high-density storage system. Alternatively, journey upwards with multi-tiered steel shelving, extending your storage capabilities vertically. 
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In the realm of museum storage, we are your allies, empowering you to safeguard your treasures while transcending the limitations of space. Elevate your preservation efforts, and usher in a future where every acquisition finds its rightful place within your well-curated universe.

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Case Study

Mead Art Museum, Amherst College

Century-old collections preserved using unique storage solutions
Established in 1949, the Mead Art Museum, which houses the art collection of Amherst College that consists of more than 14,000 American and African works, world renowned paintings and unique textiles, underwent a major renovation of its collection storage areas to provide improved preservation through segregated temperature and climate-controlled storage areas. The ASA member worked with the museum’s collection manager to provide the optimum storage solution for its vast range of objects within each uniquely designed storage area

American Textile Museum

Prestigious textile museum consolidates and preserves important collections
The American Textile History Museum, which houses the most significant, publicly-held, integrated textile collection of clothing, fabrics, tools, spinning wheels and hand looms in America, acquired two large coverlet collections and curators sought to develop a premier storage solution specially designed for its unique needs. Also, the textile collection reached maximum storage capacity, requiring an improved and space-saving solution. By partnering with an ASA member, the museum was able to improve preservation methods and increase storage capacity, allowing for additional space to expand the collections and provide staff with improved accessibility to stored objects.

Other solutions used with Museum Storage

High Density

RFID Asset Tracking

Lockers (keyed and keyless)