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An Agile Solution That Supports All Departments

This Association keeps communities connected and informed. The opportunity to move to a new space presented several challenges regarding their historical documents. Preserving these documents was a priority for the Association.

The Challenge

The new space they were moving into was 25% smaller and had no storage room or common area for files. Over the years, boxes of historical documents had accumulated. These documents included board meeting minutes, membership rosters, programs, and legislative information. These are an important part of the history of this Association. More importantly they did not want to bring boxes or files to the new space, therefore document imaging was selected because it provided many benefits.

The Solution

The NOS Professional Service Solutions team was tasked with reviewing every box and every file, organizing the contents by type.. All documents were processed in a high-speed scanner and organized in a content management system. The documents are now indexed, searchable and easily accessible by the staff as needed. The Association staff is no longer wondering “what is in that box” and has the ability to locate a document within minutes.

With the success of preserving these documents it became apparent this solution could work for other departments within the Association. The Human Resources Department was able to process the employee files and segregate the different types of documentation within those employee files. The Professional Service Solutions team has also completed the Finance Department documents which will aid in meeting the record retention guidelines for support documentation without needing physical file space to be available.

This move to a smaller space created an initial concern for file management and storage which later turned out to be an important step to making their Association more agile and their documentation more easily accessible, a win-win.

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