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Moving Forward with Mobile Shelving

In Washington D.C., a pediatric office that is open 365 days a year and whose physicians are named as Top Doctors by Washington Magazine needed help when they decided to move out of a location they had been in for 25 years. Their existing location had 300 sf of space for storage and the new location provided 160 sf of space for the same items to be stored within.  While initially looking for a high-density storage solution it was determined that a hybrid solution that included both digital imaging and physical storage was the best end result.

The Challenge

This high-profile pediatric office not only serves the local community but also the neighboring embassies and a patient could have come once or multiple times.  Therefore, every record needed to be saved and easily accessed when requested. The smaller physical space in the new office dictated that a majority of the files needed to be digitized in order to make room for the practice’s growth at the new location.  Given these parameters it was important to be able to decide which items should be kept pysically stored for easy paper access or to be digitally imaged and categorized appropriately for quick retrieval

The Solution

The existing location had been their primary office for over 25 years and medical records for Pediatrics are maintained for the same amount of time, therefore it was important to be able to categorize and arrange all of the documents so that they could be worked with by the
doctor, the nurse, or the administrators easily and quickly.  A plan was created to review the different types of files and establish parameters under which the decision to go digital or paper copy was determined.  For example, all vaccine records were digitized regardless of the age of the file so that they could always be readily and quickly identified and provided when requested.  With the digital parameters determined, the physical files needed to be addressed and managed to work in the new high-density system.  In the old space there were 45 vertical filing cabinets, and every file had a top tab.  Moving to a high-density solution not only saved space and allowed for growth but it also required that the files have side tabs, so each file was converted by Professional Service Solutions, the NOS project team.

The client enjoys easy access to archived digital files and current patient hard copy files in their new space.  Although their new location has about half the storage area, all of their patient files are safe and secure and they even have space for office supplies.  They are enjoying the best possible solution at the best value, and it all comes down to good communication and working closely as a team to provide an excellent result.


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