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We appreciate that our clients let us share their storage success story

In the greater DC Metropolitan area a waste management company wanted to track equipment differently. They provide solid waste services, portable toilets for public, private, and government sectors. They also provide waste management programs that require a variety of unique types of equipment. Having been in business for over 40 years, this company has utilized different inventory tracking systems and wanted to be progressive and forward thinking with this shift in inventory management.

The Challenge

Given the different sizes of containers and portable equipment and their need for a daily tracking as their trucks left the yard, they were looking for a system that would manage the process with little to no human intervention. In addition, they wanted to track their existing contracts in tandem with this new inventory management system.

The Solution

The NOS Sam RFID asset tracking system proved to be the right fit. Existing equipment in the yard was provided an RFID tag. Overhead antennas were installed at the entrance and exit points of the yard. This meant the different pieces of equipment located on the trucks could be remotely scanned as the trucks left and returned. Portable tags and readers were also provided so the drivers could tag existing equipment in the field, creating a seamless onboarding for all assets. In addition, as drivers are on their routes, they are able to scan the existing equipment at the client site as confirmation of the asset location.

The RFID system integrated with the contract and billing system. By making this link, administrative employees could focus on customer service rather than data entry. Data entry errors were virtually eliminated and a detailed history of the equipment/location/length of time at the client site was easily accessible. Contract renewals increased with accuracy and the company’s administrative staff was able to give more personal attention to each client which drove revenue even further.

The opportunity to put this system in place without disrupting daily operation was key to the success of this solution. The different equipment types and unique locations added to the complexity but the portable tags and scanners that are part of the NOS SAM RFID solutions was a perfect match to make this a seamless installation.

The client is enjoying better accountability, faster billing and is more proactive in terms of their contract renewals, all of which leads to increased revenue and more efficient use of staff time.

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