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We appreciate that our clients let us share their storage success story

Every year, RFID technology expands into new business sectors with new applications. No matter what kind of assets your business manages, RFID delivers valuable benefits – asset locating, loss reduction, supply management, and brand authentication.

Here’s a recap of our top RFID stories from this year.

  • It’s Hard to Argue with the Data: The ROI of RFID  The Mayo Clinic is home to some of the world’s best researchers, trained to collected and analyze data. When they turned their data science to the analysis of their hospital’s RFID system, they found an ROI that would make any accountant smile.
  • RFID Links Devices to the IOT  The Internet of Things (IOT) delivers essential information to business managers –  operations, assets, resources, and clients. RFID links so-called “dumb” devices to the IOT, enhancing the quantity and quality of management data.
  • RFID: An Actionable Data Tool for Worker Safety  Employees are any enterprise’s greatest asset. RFID’s tracking capabilities can determine efficient task positions and routes, but more important, it keeps workers safe through proximity monitoring and disaster mustering.
  • Shortages are the Enemy of Profits. RFID is Your Ally  Manufacturing of every type requires a steady supply of materials. Retail requires a steady supply of finished goods. RFID monitors supplies to help managers and owners avoid low inventory and out-of-stocks.
  • RFID to the Rescue: Counterfeits Endanger Brands and Consumers  Counterfeits damage your brand in two ways: lost sales and lost reputation. Combat the fakes with RFID technology through the supply chain.


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