RFID & Barcode Tracking

RFID Tags(1)National Office Systems (NOS) offers the very latest in records management technology with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to electronically track records.  Don’t rely on yesterday’s technology to solve today’s business problems.
RFID is similar to barcode technology in that it allows the user to electronically track items. However, RFID offers additional advantages over barcodes. With RFID, the user does not have to be within the line-of-sight of the item in order to read or update the tags. Also, RFID tags are more durable than barcode labels in harsh operating conditions.

RFID tags can store more information than barcode labels and allow users to lock in certain critical data while still permitting update capability on more flexible information. This can allow multiple barcodes to be replaced with one RFID tag.  Also with RFID tags, multiple tags can be processed simultaneously, adding significant efficiency improvement in high-volume environments.

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