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“The NOS RFID system has made our process much more efficient when tracking our equipment and inventory during customer’s moves.”
Large Relocation Company, Vice President of Operations

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Label It and Track It

SAM Labels is a modern, cutting edge application that has no dependencies and requires no software to be downloaded to the user’s machine. SAM Labels can be deployed with a simple login and a click on your system. SAM Labels requires no permissions to be granted or IT policies to be explored.

SAM Labels Features:

  • Single or batch upload of record data
  • Batch import of csv, xls, or xlsx files
  • In browser data parsing for multiple label elements from single fields of text
  • Barcode enabled
  • Print 1 or a series of user defined labels
  • Drop down menu selection for commonly used terms
  • Checkbox functionality to add label elements with a simple click
  • Available sequential counter, to create unique barcode values or number labels in a series
  • Adobe Acrobat inline for label printing

With SAM Labels, if you can define a data set or have an existing set of data, SAM can turn them into highly functional color coded file labels. The use of Adobe Acrobat inline with the label print ensures universal compatibility with printers and 100% compatibility and color consistency regardless of what you actually use to print labels.

The Adobe form also ensures that from printer to printer and computer to computer, the label will always remain aligned without aggravating and time consuming “Label Print Alignment” adjustments.

SAM Labels accomplishes all of this without asking you to compromise security policies, install software or turn control of your PC over to the whims of a remote software experience.

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