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Increase Security for Technology Assets

A secure DOD Agency focuses on advanced research projects, with information restricted to research teams and superior officers. Much of their research data is stored on numerous laptops, tablets, and external drives. These media devices are all highly portable.

The Challenge

The media’s portability helped expedite this DOD agency’s work. Team members could take the media to different locations within the facility, or from office to home. But the portability also created a security issue. As teams and individuals moved around, these easy-to-carry devices were also easy to lose track of. The existing handwritten check-out system was far too error-prone. Expensive media devices could be misplaced or lost. Even more important, classified information was at risk.

The Solution

Working with National Office Systems’ SAM (Systematic Asset Management) division, the client installed an RFID system to monitor, track, and maintain the portable electronic media. Every media device was logged into the SAM software. An RFID tag with unique identifying information was generated and attached to each device. RFID doorway readers were installed to automatically record the date and time of every device’s removal and return, without a manual scan or check-out list. Each RFID tag included range permissions. Some devices could be used facility-wide, with doorway readers tracking their whereabouts. Other devices were restricted to specific areas. If one was removed beyond its assigned range, an alarm was triggered and armed security immediately secured the device. Installed in just 45 days, the RFID system has transformed the way this client manages its electronic media devices. Inventories are now a simple matter: Using a handheld RFID reader, one staffer can count the RFID-tagged contents of an entire room, with a single click of a button. Senior staff can monitor and track media assets simply by logging in to the RFID system. The software identifies which devices are due for maintenance and updates, and where they are. Today, this secure DOD Agency is saving the cost of staff time to track and inventory the media assets. They’re saving the cost of replacing lost or missing devices. They are able to redirect funds to fulfill their primary mission. And above all, they are guarding vital classified data from falling into the wrong hands. Download the PDF