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National Office Systems (NOS) provides a simple solution to a serious corporate problem . . . how to manage the increasing number of documents and files in the workplace.

Why choose NOS for your scanning needs?

We are competitively different in our approach to scanning (imaging) services. First, our solutions are mobile, meaning our services can be performed on-site at your facilities or if requested at our secure facility. Second, we offer optical storage services for archived data, which makes us experts who specialize in that field. Third, we provide consultation services to move from current paper processing environment to a paperless atmosphere.

Whether an organization needs to store mission critical data or historical corporate documents covered by record retention laws, NOS provides solutions that are specifically designed to facilitate the management and flow of company information for organizations of any size.

Ranging from high quality microfilming services to the latest digital imaging (scanning) services, all are structured to comply with Federal and State government regulations and meet or exceed all the relevant ANSI and AIIM standards.  By selecting NOS as your outsourcing partner, you can be confident that our staff and facilities have appropriate government clearances to meet the needs of DOJ, DOD and the Intelligence community.

NOS offers clients the latest in microform scanning and digital archive writing – together with a dedicated staff determined to make the outsourcing experience the best you’ve ever had.  We understand that the physical document imaging effort is just a portion of our overall task and that supporting our clients with solid processes, appropriate document safeguards, and an experienced staff is what really sets NOS apart from the rest of the industry.  Anyone can purchase equipment and software – but selecting NOS makes the project painless!

Scanning & Indexing

We offer scanning and indexing services at one of our modern, secure conversion operations centers.  We provide all the transportation and will shred (providing certificate of destruction) or return the documents at the end of the project.  Once your project is complete, we offer scanning services to pick up, scan and index files on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis

How Do We Do It ?

Document preparation is a very critical element of the conversion process.  During this stage, documents are organized and made ready for scanning.  The cost of this stage varies with the document type and size, document condition, and level of organization required to efficiently process the documents through the conversion process.


Depending on customer requirements, document preparation is included in document organization, inventory, document identification, document purging, deconstruction, repair, and targeting.  It may also include reconstruction and repackaging of documents for return to the client or certified destruction of the documents (via shredding), or the short or long term document storage for the client.


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