Art, Textile & Collection Storage Systems

National Office Systems will help you preserve your most valuable artwork, paintings, rolled textiles, and historic images by using their customizable art and textile racks. These storage racks are made from wire paneling that can be maneuvered to conserve valuable floor space, while providing proper storage to keep your objects protected. We understand the importance of preservation; therefore the wire mesh hanging panels offer proper ventilation for efficient air flow to protect your collections.

We can maximize your space and allow you to store more artwork and paintings by utilizing double sided racks, which can be either fixed or sliding. These racks allow your artwork, paintings, and historical pictures to hang from both sides of the panels and are secured by the mesh panels. You will have peace of mind knowing that your collections will be secured by our patented safety hooks designed to prevent movement and vibration. Our team will work with you to design a complete solution for storing your valuable collections on high density mobile carriages or shelving.

SYS-Art Storage RacksSYS-Art Storage Racks

You will benefit from storing your collections on high density carriages by saving almost ½ of the floor space.

SYS-Art Storage RacksSYS-Art Storage Racks

To learn more about the features of Art, Textile & Collection Storage Systems, watch these videos.

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