Control Room Environments

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NOS is the industry leader for custom console solutions for over three decades. Our consoles are unparalleled in the control room industry for innovation in design, ergonomic considerations, and overall quality and durability.

We strongly believe in aligning ourselves with the best people and partner organizations in order to ensure our continued status as the industry leader in storage, asset management, and control room environments. Our partnerships are our strength to inspire, interact, and illustrate the ultimate in customizable console solutions. Solutions are limited only by your imagination – Let us Inspire you!

Industry Expertise

No matter what industry you are in, NOS has a console solution to fit your needs and the experience to make it happen.

Military & Aerospace Federal Government Financial & Trading Retail Banking
Information Technology Pharmaceutical Telecommunications Transportation
Healthcare Law Enforcement Library & Museums Higher Education

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 Key Applications

If your need is for flexible design and versatility, our console systems are the perfect choice.  Our flat panel display consoles are perfect for a variety of work applications and environments, including:

  • Command and Control Centers
  • Data Centers
  • Network Operations
  • Process Control
  • Security
  • Control Towers
  • Call Centers
  • Trading Rooms
  • 9-1-1 Dispatch Centers
  • Emergency Operations
  • Incident Command
  • Medical Imaging Reading Rooms
  • Traffic Management

Manual and electronic height-adjustable work surfaces are also popular offerings for this ergonomic furniture system.

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When researching the best solution for command or operation centers, it’s important to consider the overall architecture of the product.

Here are the 10 things you should know about consoles.

  1. Is it an open architecture that allows for maximum sightlines and functionality?
  2. Is it designed for technology intensive, 24/7 environments?
  3. Does it provide flexible and comfortable workspaces that allow users to focus on critical decision making?
  4. Does the product address ergonomic considerations?
  5. Does the product have a lifetime warranty?
  6. Does the product provide easy access to cable management and PC storage?
  7. Is the frame made of solid steel, providing strength, durability, and stability at the core of the console?
  8. Does the product have hidden cable management?
  9. Does it have a fully functional slatwall to mount flat screen monitors and accessories?
  10. Does it have a cavity for PC storage for easy access?

This is the ultimate open architecture for maximum sight lines and functionality. Design for technology intensive, 24/7 environments, consoles from NOS provide flexible and comfortable work spaces that allow users to focus on critical decision making.

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