High Density Shelving & Filing

Since 1976, National Office Systems has been known as the industry leader in the Mid-Atlantic region for high density shelving and filing systems in manual, mechanically assisted or powered models.  All of these systems offer you a range of advanced safety and security features.  Want some ideas?

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These systems allow your organization to make the best use of your space and filing efficiency by either doubling your existing storage capacity or allowing more functional space within your environment. Our storage shelving systems have been proven to effectively double document storage capacity in your existing area or reduce your floor space by 50%. How would you use the space you save?

We have partnered with the leading mobile storage manufacturers nationwide to provide you with choice, convenience and capacity.

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Modular design, multiple track and decking systems, range of shelving options and large selection of locking features and accessories – we have what you need to completely optimize your space.


Everything you need to optimize your storage space, including modular units, shelving options, multiple track and decking systems, and a large range of locking features and accessories. Let our storage experts completely optimize your space.

Choose the System Type That’s Best for You

Powered Systems- The two hallmarks of powered high density shelving and filing systems are ease of use and excellent protections. For large applications or those that demand security, a powered system provides safeguards, fire protection, user safety and one-touch operation.

Mechanically Assisted Systems- these systems are specially designed to offer ease of movement, even for very heavy loads.

Manual Systems- If you have relatively small storage needs, manual systems offer an economical option.

What if your space has low ceilings, ceiling-mounted sprinkler systems or other height restraints? No problem. Efficient low-profile systems are available. Other options include grouted, non-grouted and recessed track designs to fit the needs of your current space and flooring.

Say Goodbye to Fixed Aisles


With traditional storage and filing solutions a great deal of floor space is taken up by fixed aisles. With these movable high density systems, rows of storage touch each other until an aisle is opened up exactly where needed. The storage units are on wheeled carriages that run on tracks. When you need access to the stored items, simply push a button or turn a handle to create an aisle in the desired location.

By eliminating fixed aisles you can either get twice as much storage capacity in the same footprint or reduce the footprint of your existing storage by 50% and use the newly-available space for other needs.

Get Started Today

National Office System is known as an innovator in storage design. From new ideas in warehouse storage to office applications and secure government storage, we can design a high density shelving and filing system that perfectly fits your needs.

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Watch this video to learn more about the features of high density shelving & filing

To engage NOS in a space needs assessment or to gather additional information, call 800-840-6264.  For additional assistance, tell us more by filling out our request information page.