Intellerum Technology Storage


TekCart Prime

  • Stores and charges up to 36 devices with Intellepower
  • Devices with screen sizes up to 15” will fit
  • External Status Lights show which banks are charging
  • Three-Point Lock on both front and rear doors provides secure access
TekCart GLC

  • Stores and Charges up to 32 devices
  • Timer and non-timer versions available
  • Two sizes, GLC and GLC-XL available
  • Great option for someone looking for a lower priced storage solution
TekCart Universal

  • Stores and charges in varying quantities: 16, 32, or up to 48 devices
  • Two versions include charging via AC Power as well as a USB version that also syncs devices
  • Best use of this cart will be the USB Charge/Sync Option
  • Features Sliding Tambour Doors that reduce the required floor space

  • Geared towards one to one storage needs
  • Available in 5, 8, and 10 tiered units
  • Various locking options available included: keyed, hasp, or digital
  • Power in each tier provides one AC outlet and two USB ports

  • For smaller quantity needs
  • Scalable to link multiple units together
  • Can be mounted under a desk or on a wall
Laptop Locker

  • Perfect for securing one laptop or two smaller devices
  • Can be mounted to a wall or under a desk
  • A grommet at the bottom of the unit
  • Perfect for college dorm rooms
CPU Locker

  • Stores and secures important data on CPU’s
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit most devices
  • Smaller models can be mounted under a desk
  • A pull out shelf provides easy access to the wiring of the unit
Mobile Computer Station

  • Perfect for training facilities
  • Includes a pull out shelf for access to the keyboard
  • Tambour Doors provide secure storage