Lateral Sliding Filing Storage Systems

Is your organization looking for a way to drastically increase your storage capacity? At National Office Systems we provide modular sliding storage and file shelving systems that slide back and forth on tracks or rails to provide double depth storage. Bi-file shelving typically consists of sliding shelving on tracks to allow access to the back rows of stationary shelving and consists of two or three rows.  Bi-file shelving allows you to store the greatest amount of items on limited floor space, while improving your organization’s daily efficiency and appearance.

Convert your stationary files into movable systems with these lateral sliding filing systems. These systems will increase your capacity by using a small fraction of the original floor space. This distinctive design will eliminate fixed aisles between shelves, which will increase user efficiency by allowing users to effortlessly move files from side to side to access information.



Tracks can be added to accommodate future storage requirements.


Ease of Operation

Heavy-duty carriages and specifically-engineered rubber stops ensure a smooth-rolling movement for the system. Units feature ball bearing construction and four wheels per carriage.



Systems easy accommodate the storage of files, red rope folders, accordion folders, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and more.  Systems are compatible with most stationary shelving products.

To engage NOS in a space needs assessment or to gather additional information, call [tp_number].  For additional assistance, tell us more by filling out our request information page.