Case Study for Library Shelving

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The traditional definition of a library as a collection of books, or a building to house a collection of books has become obsolete. Today’s academic, public, special, and research libraries are multifunctional learning centers and Internet gateways that provide a multitude of educational and cultural resources for the communities they serve. As the demand for increased and improved services grows, so grows the need to designate space for them and the patrons they attract.


SYS-LibraryBookstackShelvingPic3At National Office Systems we recognize that to preserve and protect the variety of media that libraries house, and to ensure safe, convenient user access to the media collections, a specialized storage strategy must be developed. That is why the flexibility to accommodate virtually any type of filing system, cabinet or rack, and the development of numerous product innovations designed to provide user safety and enhance collection preservation, have made NOS the leading provider of library shelving and library display systems in the following Library/Education segments:

Did you know that high density compact book stacks can store up to twice the capacity of traditional stationary library shelving? Whether you need to free up more space for additional study spaces, or avoid expensive new construction of your growing library book capacity, using compact library book stack shelving from NOS will make your library more efficient.

Implement compact library book stack shelving today to optimize existing and planned floor space.

SYS-Stationary Shelving   SYS-Stationary Shelving


Modular design, multiple track and decking systems, range of shelving options and large selection of locking features and accessories are just the start of what we have to offer.

Have you considered a track based system to reduce your real estate footprint?

Electronic units are equipped with safety devices that require no intervention by the user.  When a person enters into an isle, the system halts movement automatically. The safety system also detects items left on the floor in an open aisle.  And once the item is removed from the open aisle the system automatically resets itself for operation.

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