Modular Mailroom Furniture

modular millwork mail center

Mail sorting can be easy and comfortable with flexible, scalable millwork. We can advise you on the formats to meet your specifications for size, productivity and efficiency. They can easily expand or change as needed.  Get it out faster and organize it better with flexible modular millwork solutions. Whether you are building a new facility or expanding existing areas, our mailroom and fax stations can help you meet your specific needs by providing flexible and durable work environments.

Watch this important video to learn more about the features of modular millwork.

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If you are ready to start planning your project, start with a free copy of the Modular Millwork Specifier’s Guidebook. This 65 page Specifier’s Guide Book will help you start your project immediately.



Features include:

  • Expandable Modules
  • Flexible Storage Shelves
  • Rolling Storage Bins
  • Designer Colors & Finishes
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Flexible millwork is a true modular solution helping you reduce costs and keep the environment cleaner. With this solution adjustments in your work environment become easy with regards to your millwork. Need to expand? No problem, simply reconfigure your millwork as you need to by disconnecting it from the easy to attach mounting bracket or add other modules to accommodate your needs.

Design Consultants are available to assist you throughout your planning process. Our design team can help you pre-plan the installation of modular millwork into a new construction or existing work space.

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