Rotary Filing Cabinets

datum ez rotary file storage

National Office Systems will help you maximize your storage capabilities with Rotary Storage Cabinets. The rotary units revolve and have a cabinet hidden within a cabinet allowing the user to access twice the amount of storage in just half the space.

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All files are locked away safely inside as the units spin to close


The units can be used as a room divider and can be accessed from either side


No matter what you need to store, units can accommodate a variation of different storage requirements. We can also provide storage drawers, handing folder drawers, posting shelves, pass through shelves and much more with rotary storage.


Rotary cabinets provide 312% more files per square foot than any other traditional filing systems by expanding to the left or the right by easily removing the side panel.

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Watch this video to learn more about the features of Rotary Filing Cabinets

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