Stationary Shelving

For over 35 years, National Office Systems has provided the Mid-Atlantic region with practical and cost effective storage solutions. Our primary goal is to save space while increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs within the work environment. We have been proven as a leader in the industry with our thousands of successful applications utilizing wide range of system offerings. Our team of storage experts will work with you to meet your specific needs and guarantee you flexibility and adaptability to provide you with the perfect solution.

Our primary focus is cost-effective storage while maximizing space. We offer a range of storage shelving system such as: Cantilever, Case- Type and 4-Post.


We offer configurable shelving units to store files, office supplies, computer media and telecommuter personal effects.


Increasing productivity is critical in the healthcare environment. Organize your facility using flexible shelving.

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Store all of your versatile media formats with our media storage systems, which offer adjustability, flexibility and a range of capacities


For all of your wide-span and heavy-duty shelving needs, we offer a wide range of hand-or truck-loaded materials storage needs.


Our selection of solid wood shelving with dividers or angled periodical shelving provides long-lasting enhancements and ease of use.

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Heavy Duty Stationary Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving provides the most efficient solution for your exact filing requirements of heavy objects. We understand the high cost of space and need for reducing costs in today’s facilities, therefore Heavy-Duty Shelving safeguards your valuable assets and allows quick and easy access.

Heavy-Duty Shelving combines strength and efficiency that is needed to meet all of your unique storage requirements from extra heavy gauge steel to open shelf filing. All of the units can have multiple levels to maximize the file storage per square foot, all while keeping the files accessible.


  • Crisp, clean and contemporary appearance with no exposed holes
  • Strength and rigidity without any nuts or bolts
  • Diminishes file damage without any exposed hardware
  • Efficient drawers to open and close allowing easy access to files and records
  • Years of furniture quality finish

To engage NOS in a space needs assessment or to gather additional information, call [tp_number]. For additional assistance, tell us more by filling out our request information page.