Weapon Racks

[image] universal weapon storage

Designed for storage of any size rifle, shotgun, handgun or personal defense weapon stored vertically, horizontally or mobile, racks and cabinets from National Office Systems (NOS) are the perfect choice. Components are secure inside all steel or hardened construction units. Choose different sizes and configurations for a custom solution. Products are ideal for secure weapons storage in public or secure facilities and for military, police, sheriff, law enforcement, correctional facilities and armories.

SYS-WeaponsRacksPic3Open Rack Frontal View

The Universal Weapons Cabinet can be configured to store items vertically or horizontally. Components are secured inside the all-steel bi-parting tambour doors and can be configured in any manner.  Whether you’re need is to store rifles, shotguns, handguns or personal defense weapons this cabinet is a perfect choice.

The Universal Weapons Rack is designed to accommodate and store most types of small arms requirements. Specifically used in secure areas such as armories and vaults on any sized scale.

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The system grows in modular method so that you may initially start with one unit expanding to however many units are required. The universal weapon panels simply stack on top of one another, connected with small steel posts. All weapons racks can be mounted on high density compact mobile storage systems.

The Weapons Racks can be mounted on high density shelving carriages to house a wide inventory of rifles, shotguns, shorties, handguns, etc.  An example would be the ability to housing M16A2 rifles one above the other vertically or horizontally in a mixed configuration. It will easily accommodate the tallest sniper rifles such as the .50 cal M107, which is 57 inches tall. NOS will work with you to configure this rack in whichever manner is most efficient and desirable for your own use.  Save space today – mount on mobile storage carriages!

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