Classification Folders

Classification folders can come in many different styles and have any combination of divider, pockets and fasteners. NOS can customize folders with different colors, gusset colors, fasteners and panel thicknesses. Even better, we can print company information, patient forms or advertising  on the folders per client’s request / approval.
[image] - Classification-Folder-2

Type I – 20 pt Pressboard Folders

Type I pressboard folders are considered high density (thinner) and 20 pt thickness. The folder has a glossy finish and a marble appearance that makes it standout from other folders. If space is a concern, per 1,000 folders you can save about 10″ over Type II and Type III. With 13 colors to choose from, this type gives you the widest selection of colors possible.

Type I Color Chart

* Colors may vary from Chart above
** Not all colors are available as stock items

[image] - Classification-t2-Folder

Type II – 25 pt Pressboard Folders

Type II folders brings together the best of both worlds, better price than the type I and it is stronger than the type III folders. Type II is also similar to type I as the both have the smooth finish. Even though this type is limited to 4 colors, it can be customized with different color gussets (The part that holds the front and back panels together).

Type II Color Chart


* Colors may vary from Chart above
** Not all colors are available as stock items

[image] - Classification-t3-Folder-3

Type III – 25 pt Pressboard Folders

Type III pressboard folders are the least expensive of the pressboard folders. It is considered to be a low density folder and has a slightly rough appearance. Another advantage is that it has 7 colors and allows the end user to use multiple colors to designate different folders(Blue = Commercial, Red = Government and Green = Military).

Type III Color Chart


* Colors may vary from Chart above
** Not all colors are available as stock items

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Tyvek Colors


* Colors may vary from Chart above
** Folder colors come with certain gusset colors, use the color chart above to specify  custom color

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