Manila Folders


The folder that holds your documents is important. Be sure to choose a design that matches record activity. Standard weight folders are a practical choice for many filing situations. For files that don’t get much use, single-ply tabs are a better option while reinforced tabs work better for general usage. Files that are frequently used pair well with heavy duty folders. In order to differentiate different types of files, color folders are your best option. Color-coded strip labels on full cut tabs allow for easy indexing.
Fastener Folder 2 (1)


Manila Fastener Folders

In order to assist in document organization, fasteners are used. These factory-installed bonded fasteners attach documents, dividers, and indexes to the folders and are glued to the inside. The glue cannot be seen from the outside of the folder.

No-Hassle Order Folders


Folder and Paper Gusset Color Chart

* First four colors are standard colors
** Colors may vary from the chart above & Some Colors are limited to certain folders

Tyvek Gusset Colors

* First four colors are standard colors
** Colors may vary from the chart above.

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